Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fenway South

One of the worst ideas I ever had was downloading Angry Birds on my phone. It's like a bad gambling addiction; you always think you're one move away from beating the level, but one of the really tiny pigs survives in a corner somewhere, just like if a rookie caught a touchdown double-teamed. But enough about me, tell me about you!

My bad dating skills aside, another bad idea I had was the thought of winning a series in Tampa. It has become the new Fenway for us Yankee fans for a few years now--remember five or 6 years ago where we could NEVER win in Fenway. Now we're winning there, but the Trop is off limits. It could be the pumped in crowd noise, or the ultra-annoying cowbells, but in all likelihood it's the fact that the Trop is such a bandbox, maaaaaybe more so than our beloved ballpark. The Rays' lineup is chock full of home-run hitters, as Kuroda found out Friday night. Here was my thought pattern on Friday: "YES SORIANO! Nice early lead, we got this!...Damn off the foul pole, it's still early...oh no...NOOOOOO!...(crying in corner.)" And OF COURSE new Ray David DeJesus makes the great catch off of Chris Stewart. And OF COURSE Sean Rodriguez makes the leaping catch on Saturday night off of Soriano's bat, which would've been an insurance run (although I wasn't so sure after the replay.)

I never thought I'd see the day I feel sick with CC on the mound. I think someone here even called him the five inning pitcher, and boy, is he ever this year. As soon as he's in line for the win, he implodes. How dangerous is Ben Zobrist with a couple runners on?! Evan Longoria is an absolute beast in the Trop; then again everybody is (Jose Lobaton, going back to the bandbox reference from before.) It was a great, hard-earned win, especially since I thought the way Cobb could pitch and how bad Nova was (for him.) I saw on Sun Sports that through 100 pitches, Nova had 50 balls and 50 strikes. I think Phil Hughes has had a better ball-strike ratio, even when he's giving up 10 runs a game. It was a gritty win and a nice save for Mo. I think if Longoria didn't hit the 8th-inning home run Saturday night, the Yankees could've rallied down a run against Fernando Rodney; but they were probably already looking to Sunday.

At least we got the Jays coming up, everyone's preseason pick to finish first. I bet Yankee fans wish we could play Toronto EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am also proud to say I didn't watch one second of the VMA's...I didn't even know it was on tonight!

'Till Next Time!

Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993

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