Friday, August 2, 2013

Lyle Overbay Appreciation Thread

Where would the New York Yankees be this season without Lyle Overbay in the starting lineup? We were set to give the last spot on the bench to former Yankee Juan Rivera until the Red Sox let Overbay go right before Spring Training was over and it may have been the best thing that has happened to this team this season. Lyle Overbay has had clutch hit after clutch hit and has even outperformed a normal Mark Teixeira season in a lot of categories not labeled home runs. Matt Imbrogno from IIATMS and formerly of the Yankees Ananlysts had an interesting tweet this morning stating that Lyle Overbay has a 78 wRC+ in high leverage situations this season which tells you the whole story. Thank you Lyle for coming in and far exceeding anyone's expectations. Thank you for being a class act and a good teammate by not causing a stir when Mark Teixeira came back and took at bats from you. Rather than leaving the team or complaining you happily went to the outfield and found a way to help the team. Thank you Lyle for everything you have done for this team all season long and I just hope that we can repay you with a playoff run.

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