Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Postseason Problems

Yes, this is a Yankee blog, but I saw something before that I wanted to throw out there...see what everyone thinks. 2 points:

1) Ron Washington is more deserving of being on the chopping block than Girardi. For four straight seasons, the Rangers have choked miserably. First the two World Series, getting swept three straight in Oakland last year, and playing 13-16 baseball since August 28th this year. He's had tremendous tools to win: Cliff Lee, Yu Darvish, Hamilton, Cruz, Beltre, C.J. Wilson, Feliz, Joe Nathan, etc. He should easily have a World Series, especially since two years ago he was a strike away TWICE. Willie Randolph was fired for one season of the same thing, why should he be safe after four?

2) How dumb is baseball for scheduling Game Two in Oakland late Saturday night before a Raider game Sunday afternoon?! Forget the obscurity of the multi-purpose stadium, (OMG, so 1971) take a look at the scheduling that weekend. Game One is Friday night at 9:30 eastern. Game Two is 9 eastern. The only other game that it competes with is Boston's Game Two on Saturday, 5:30 eastern. Ironically the Red Sox have two afternoon games--you'd think they'd attract a bigger primetime audience than the Tigers-A's. If I'm running this show, I put the Red Sox at early afternoon or primetime Saturday, and the A's at 4/4:30 eastern Saturday. That way when the A's end at 4/4:30 pacific Saturday, there's plenty of time to make the Coliseum football ready.

Now obviously, no one except the gamblers care about a Chargers/Raiders game on the east coast, but Californians sure do! I hate it when sports don't work together. I'll be here all winter talking offseason, don't worry!

'Till Next Time!

Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993

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