Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tomorrow Is The Non Tender Deadline

Tomorrow is the non tender deadline for contracts and the Yankees 40 man roster is currently sitting at 39 players. This list of 39 players does not include Brendan Ryan or Brian McCann so at least one roster move will have to be made tomorrow to make room for one of these men. Who will it be you ask? Here are a few of the options:

Chris Stewart is an obvious non tender candidate if he is not traded before then because he is a catcher and clears a spot for a catcher in McCann. The Yankees have five catchers on the 40 man roster before McCann is added so at least one of them are going to have to go. Both JR Murphy and Austin Romine have minor league options so they could be sent down to AAA to split time but at the same time these men have more trade value then any of the other options. Both Francisco Cervelli and Stewart are out of minor league options and would make suitable backups but Cervelli may be the better option. I know we can designate another young guy for assignment that will clear waivers and accept a AAA assignment but at least one catcher has to go anyway so why not make the move now right?

Depending on what happens with Alex Rodriguez would have a lot to do with the battle between Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez. Both are considered utility infielders with Nunez getting the edge with the bat and Nix getting the edge in defense and versatility. The problem is we already have Brendan Ryan signed as a back up player and we only have so many 40 man roster spots. If Alex is suspended then I could see the Yankees letting Nunez start and keeping Nix or signing an Eric Chavez but the problem with this is we won't know what happens with Alex until well after Christmas. If one of these guys got non tendered it would be Nix but right now I don't see either getting the cut just yet. Nix did agree to being sent off the 40 man roster and signed a minor league deal with us last year though so maybe that can happen again.

Matt Daley and David Huff are also on the brink with both being out of minor league options and fringe players. Huff and Daley could either start or go into the bullpen and relieve, one from the left side and one from the right side, and both players are making the league minimum. We could hold onto them now and DFA them later too so no need in making a move unless we absolutely have to so I see them both staying for now.

Ramon Flores is way behind on the organizational depth chart, especially with the emergence of Zoilo Almonte, and would not be a non tender candidate as much as he would be a DFA option. FLores plays primarily left field and hits for zero power and would not be a substantial loss if say we signed a Corey Hart or Carlos Beltran.

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