Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Injury Updates: Masahiro Tanaka & CC Sabathia

The Yankees got some encouraging news on the injury front today as we received two small updates from Masahiro Tanaka and CC Sabathia. Sabathia spoke with reporters for the first time since his surgery and announced everything had gone as planned with the knee. Sabathia had a bone chip removed but a group of doctors announced that microfracture surgery was not needed at this time. The knee will give CC problems for the rest of his playing career and likely his life as all the cartilage in the knee is gone. CC will have to at least have this monitored for the remainder of his career. CC did avoid the major surgery that would threaten his career so there is always that to feel good about.

Tanaka threw 50 pitches today from 60 feet and increased his velocity and intensity some and reported no pain whatsoever. Tanaka has a scheduled day off tomorrow and will resume throwing on Thursday. The Yankees have a date in mind for Tanaka to return to the Bronx if all goes well but they are not announcing it. Brian Cashman did state that it was "definitely September" though which should surprise no one.

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