Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yankees Confused on How to Deal with Home Plate Rule

The Yankees, in the wake of a controversial out call in last night's bottom of the fifth, are admittedly confused on how this year's plate-blocking rule works.

Yesterday's seemingly-blown decision, which kept the game at 4-3 Rays instead of tying the contest, looked to be a safe bet in New York's favor during its minute-long review, yet ended up going Tampa Bay's way alternatively. 

So, as is expected of a team who's already shown dislike for it, the Yanks remain unhappy with how the new ordinance is judged, with club Manager Joe Girardi going as far as to say yesterday that catchers should be run over when they stand at an angle similar to Ryan Hanigan's.

"If I'm the baserunner, I'm going to run him over there," Girardi said. "I'm going to lower my shoulder, and I'm going to run him over."

First Basemen Mark Teixeira, who went 0-for-4 in the loss, also expressed frustration. 

"We're just not really sure,'' Teixeira said. "Looking back, the only way you can score is to run him over. But that's what they're trying to get away from."

Indeed, the new rule is confusing to many. Nonetheless, since it may be around for awhile the Yankees are going to have to find a way to tolerate it soon, as what they're doing right now (the send-the-runner-first-and-then-get-mad-when-a-call-is-possibly-blown philosophy) clearly isn't working.

(Quotes via and Newsday)


  1. SYNOPSIS....of the past 48 hours.
    a)...that catcher blocking the plate last night, should have been slammed. The players
    are confused. A stupid call. A very sorry call. A game changing call ?

    b)...Tonight....the largest come-back win of the season.............4 runs. Pray for me, sweet Jesus .

  2. absolutely a game changing call. That game is tied if the rule was enforced correctly.


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