Thursday, October 30, 2014

2015 Free Agency Royal Rumble – Starting Pitching

Ladies and gentleman welcome to the 2015 Major League Baseball free agency Royal Rumble brought to you by The Greedy Pinstripes. Tonight we have all the potential starting pitching options for the New York Yankees heading into this winter in one ring vying for the contract of a lifetime, let’s go down to the ring.

In the red corner stands former Red Sox Jon Lester, in the blue corner stands Max Scherzer, in the green corner stands James Shields, and in the black corner stands Brandon McCarthy. Let’s get it on!

James Shields and his “Big Game” moniker walk up to Jon Lester and before Shields can really get going the monkey that was on his back promptly named “postseason” with his 5.00+ ERA T-shirt forces Shields out of the ring and out of the running for the contract. Scherzer and McCarthy tangle before Scherzer’s qualifying offer becomes a factor and the Yankees first round pick knocks him over the top rope and onto the floor eliminating Mr. Scherzer.

Jon Lester vs. Brandon McCarthy for the contract. The devil we know vs. the devil we know. We’ve known Lester longer watching him pitch in the American League East and in the World Series while McCarthy spent parts of three months with the club. McCarthy unleashes his secret weapon, the short term contract, and knocks Lester out of the ring and out of the match.

You’re winner for the free agent starting pitcher that the Yankees should sign this winter is, Brandon… McCarthy! McCarthy does not block the production of the young kids for the long term like Lester does and would not require the AAV that Lester would either. McCarthy’s reward is a two year deal worth $30 million plus incentives. 

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