Sunday, November 16, 2014

David Huff May Be On His Way Out of New York

While the fans of the Yankees are scrambling around trying to find all the information they can about lefties Jose De Paula and Justin Wilson one lefty in the Yankees organization is packing his bags waiting on a phone call. That man is David Huff. Huff was a non-tender candidate when the season ended after posting a sub 2.00 ERA in the Yankees bullpen last season after finding a cutter. With the additions of Wilson, De Paula, and Jacob Lindgren and Tyler Webb knocking on the door I think Huff may be on his way out of New York.

Of course both De Paula and Wilson have minor league options remaining and plenty of team control while Huff heads into his final year of arbitration so the team could always stash these guys in Triple-A at the beginning of the season but I find that unlikely. New York has this uncanny ability to spend an amazing amount of free agent dollars early only to skimp and save towards the end of free agency. Huff is expected to make right at $1 million in arbitration this season and the Yankees may look to fill that $1 million with two players and let Huff go.

This is all speculation and it's way too early to tell but remember where you heard it first, Huff's days as a Yankee are numbered, again.

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