Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Story of How Chad Jennings of Lohud Made Me Shut Up

Anyone who is reading this knows me by now, I’m very opinionated and I’m not afraid to voice my opinion even if it goes against the grain. I admit that sometimes I get a little too out of hand or a little too worked up over certain things, one of those certain things being the fact that Robert Refsnyder has basically been kept down in Scranton all season long, which causes me to get discouraged. I got so disgusted and discouraged by the Refsnyder situation this season that I simply stopped beating the drum for Ref and I stopped really checking the stats of either him or Stephen Drew because I realized I was fighting a losing battle.

With September call ups now in full effect and Refsnyder in the Major Leagues once again I fired up the Greedy Pinstripes site ready to post something along the lines of “it’s about time Refsnyder was up” and “he should start against every lefty for the remainder of the season” until I checked out the amazing blog run by Chad Jennings and company over at the Yankees Lohud. Chad had me beat on the whole Refsnyder vs. Drew post but he took a very different side of things, a side that really made me eat my crow very, very quietly.

First and foremost Chad posted Drew’s stats since June seen below:

June: .230/.310/.514
July: .245/.315/.408
August: .236/.313/.417

I quickly dismissed those stats until he had a side-by-side comparison of Drew’s stats to Refsnyder’s stats since the MLB All-Star break:

Drew: .248/.315/.416 in New York
Refsndyer: .222/.292/.363 in AAA

Is it over-grooming? Is Refsnyder simply discouraged or did Drew maybe, sort of, kind of figure it out in New York after essentially a season and a half of mediocrity? All of the above? Maybe. 


  1. First of all, I think it's over grooming and discouragement on Refsnyder's part. But I've come to terms with the fact that Drew is our starting second base for the remainder of the season. What I do want to know though is why brain surgeon Girardi is starting Drew against a left handed pitcher and Refsnyder is sitting? If they were going to use Refsnyder at all, shouldn't it have been tonight?

    1. Levin,

      The only excuse I can muster, not that I agree with it, is going with the hot hand. Nothing else makes any sort of sense

  2. Levin I think the elf has more say into the lineup then we think. Refsnyder will be a late inning replacement on a blowout game either in a positive way or negative way.

    1. He may, Girardi seemed to like Ref when he was up the first time. It may be one of these "teach you a lesson for having an attitude" thing.

  3. He Levin I cut and pasted an article for you to read from another blog about Gardner. It's a good read..

    1. Come on Hans. I thought we were past the Gardner argument. I think he's an above average player on a team friendly contract, and you don't. That's okay.

  4. I think he has a friendly contract, however I have never been sold on him. Excellent defender with a weak arm and to me he is a 250-270. He is good not great and yes we are past it. I just wanted you to see article

    1. I did read it. Thank you. First time I have ever been to pinstripe alley. My favorite Yankee blog is this one. I have the utmost respect for everybody here. Daniel, little p, Hans, Reed, the two Bryans, I love arguing with all of you. Some of the best baseball minds I've had the privilege to talk to.

    2. Same here Levin. I know need to take a special course on how to decipher what comes out of the mouth of Littke P. I feel like I'm on a journey with the Beattles on the Magical Mystery Tour. I too enjoy talking ball with you guys even if we don't agree most of the time.

  5. Kenneth Hans...........I seem to have ridden with you ?
    I asked you about Sun Tzu ? Perhaps the question was too difficult for a direct response ?

    Try this one....
    " Yankees Fans Unite Merging With Greedy Pinstripes
    Yankees Fans Unite | September 11, 2013 ".................?

    Jog anything with you ?

    Help me out on this....The Seton Hall worker...the assassin of patrick...I can not remember his
    real name ? No, not the ' Hit Man '.........can you help ? I think its...prick.

    I keep going back to, Sun Tzu.
    All this is odd.

  6. You toaking on the Ganga again Littke P?


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