Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stealing Sonny Gray Away from the Oakland Athletics

The New York Yankees are out of the 2015 postseason and have already begun planning and meeting about the 2016 version and direction of the team. Joel Sherman was quick to throw his opinion into the pot, and his opinion means little to me since he has me blocked on Twitter for lord knows what… maybe getting the Curtis Granderson to the Mets news almost a week before him and informing him about it and asking for some accountability? maybe, but Sherman did have a good idea nonetheless. If the Yankees could pull off a deal with the Oakland Athletics to pry away right-handed starting pitcher Sonny Gray then the New York absolutely has to do it and they cannot take no for an answer.

What will be interesting to see if how new GM David Forst will handle trade talks and such with teams after Billy Beane was promoted inside the Athletics organization. Will Forst be willing to trade anyone and everyone on the team if the price is right or when he says a player is untouchable are they really untouchable? That’s the wild card here but if it’s the former and not the latter then I think the Yankees have to be all in on a deal, even if it costs the team Jorge Mateo and Gary Sanchez. The buck may stop at Luis Severino and Aaron Judge for me but that’s just if you ask me.

Right-handed starting pitchers of his caliber, age and amount of team control just don’t become available often and when they do you have to pay, or overpay. I know recently I have stated I would want the team to stay away from the likes of Jeff Samardzija if it meant one or two of the team’s current starters being traded along with the submission of a draft pick in the 2016 draft but that’s because Samardzija is not the sure fire ace that Gray is. Gray, especially with this offense, would be a perennial All-Star and as close to a sure thing for 15+ wins every single season. With Samardzija and others not named Jordan Zimmerman or David Price I honestly cannot bring myself to say that and truly believe it.

See how this works Sherman? When you have an idea or you break news first you get credited with it, not blocked on Twitter. I digress, have a great day. 

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