Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cespedes Would Complete the Yankees, No?

With the playing days for Yoenis Cespedes in a New York Mets uniform coming to a close the speculation is already beginning as to where the outfielder may end up for the 2016 season. I personally predicted that Cespedes would win the American League MVP Award in 2015 with the protection of Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera in Detroit and I would pick him again in 2016 if he had the protection of Brian McCann, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran and the rest of the New York Yankees. 

Cespedes would be expensive undoubtedly but we didn't start a blog titled The GREEDY Pinstripes because we worry about spending other people's money. We worry about winning and putting the best team on the field one dollar at a time and that route starts and ends with Cespedes. The Yankees love having multiple center fielders in order to keep everyone fresh and rotated along with Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner and Cespedes fits that mold. The most attractive part about about Cespedes is the fact that he's right handed.

The obvious problem is finding a roster spot and enough playing time for him, the Yankees starting three outfielders are basically set in stone right now, but if Joe Girardi can come up with a plan to make it work then I'm all for it. Rotating Cespedes in and out of the lineup keeps Ellsbury healthy and Gardner fresh and effective not only through the month of June or July but through the months of September and October. Adding Cespedes to the lineup makes pitchers like David Price and Dallas Keuchel less intimidating and could possibly give the Yankees an offense potent enough to compete with the Toronto Blue Jays juggernaut of an offense. 

Ellsbury, Cespedes, Beltran. Teixeira, Rodriguez, McCann, Gardner, Gregorius, Refsnyder. That may not be the 1929 Yankees but it's close enough for me. 


  1. Cespedes to the Yankees replacing Brett, ok!
    Sooner or later Hal has to realize we are about a player or three away from a WS caliber team. I don't think we give up a draft pick for him, just money and a long contract.
    With him just turning 30 years old I think any contract over 7-8 years is too long, unless, they front load it. He looks like the type of player that will add weight and be like Beltran at around 37/38.
    I think also, trading Brett is the right thing to do, he with Sanchez should bring us someone good we can use.
    What say you guys?

    1. Bryan....
      Am I missing something? I must confess, I know little to nothing about Hayward other than what I see on the state sheets...which really doesn't tell the true worth of many players.
      Why would you want Hayward over Cespedes, other than the length of contract and the age difference?
      By the numbers, Cespedes is the better and more versatile player plus a right-handed bat.

      I am really interested, as I do respect you, Daniel and most others opinions...thanks!

    2. Younger (26 as opposed to 30), better defense (18.3 UZR/150 in OF as opposed to 7.2). Jason as a slightly better BA the last three years, along with a much better OBP during that time. And while Yoenis' power has been better, I expect Heyward's homer production to go up, as Atlanta and St. Louis are among the worst places for home runs.

    3. By the way, I have the utmost respect for you too, Ken. Thank you.

    4. Ok, I'll buy that, I'll check around a bit more, I must say I didn't like the SO's that would come along with Cespedes. I like players with a bit of power and can keep the line moving.
      At 26 years old Heyward does have room to power up a bit and he is a lefty.

    5. Heyward entering his prime, like Bryan said he has played in two stadiums hard to hit home runs in and is generally thought to be the better all around player and better defensive player.

      Cespedes is entering the wrong side of 30-years old. If I had to choose one I go Heyward. Heyward is going to command 10 years and an AAV of $22-$25 million though. Plus Cespedes can play CF, is faster and less injury prone (without looking up the exact stats).

  2. He's also another pretty face that we don't need, that gets injured while golfing during the world series.

  3. He's also another pretty face that we don't need, that gets injured while golfing during the world series.

    1. Is that where his shoulder injury came from Spade?

  4. Heyward is a mistake. I would sign Cespedas over Heyward. Heyward is a defensive specialist. We have those already. Why do we keep mentioning Heyward?

    1. Okay Bryan. I understand your reasons. But I don't understand why you would be willing to spend $20 million+ for somebody who "might" see increased power production due to a hitter friendly park. McCann saw a slight increase in power moving from Atlanta to New York. And by slight, I'm talking 3-4 home runs a year. Add that to Heyward's 13, and you have Bret Gardner. Gardner makes $10 million less on a shorter contract. Cespedes is a right handed bat that actually does have power. You don't have to hope it develops. Just my thoughts. Not saying I'm right.

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    3. It's not my money. If the contract concerns me, it's about the length not the money in it.

    4. Cespedes wants 5 years
      Heyward wants 10.

      Heyward is going to get 10. Cespedes was a bit exposed in the World Series but will still likely get 5. I prefer Heyward, just hate another 10-year contract. Not hate, more weary of.

    5. It's easy to simply say it's not my money. In reality, it is our money. We're the ones buying the officially licensed gear, paying for, tickets, etc. One thing has proved true in the past few years. Hal runs this team differently than George does. Money does matter. Signing Heyward for 10 years will undoubtedly hurt in the future, just like we're being hurt by CC, Arod, and Teix. We already have Ellsbury on the books that will hurt us in a few years. Why add another bad contract in Heyward. Cespedes or Upton make way more sense as they are right handed power bats that aren't asking for 10 years.

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    7. Just as an FYI breadsticks the ARod and CC contracts were not signed at 26, ARod was already 32. Heyward would be 36 when the contract expired, same age as Teix when his expires.

      Like I said I'm weary of the 10 year deal but I worry about it less with Heyward than most. Bryce Harper comes to mind as well.

    8. You're missing my point. Heyward isn't a $20 million player at 26, let alone 36. His value is defensively. Go back and look at both Arod and Teixera's age 25 and contract years. Superior to Heyward's in every aspect. You want to sign him just because he's 26? Harper, Trout, Machado, Stanton. Those are guys worth the money. Heyward is 6'5" and 250 pounds. When his legs are gone, and that's in about 6 or 7 years, your stuck with a DH that hits .270 with 15-20 home runs. That's a sound investment. Not.

    9. BRAVO BREADSTICKS !!!! Bravo.....

      The Yankees already have two none mashers, in Gardner, and Ellsbury. Who needs another ?
      Money is not wisely well spent on this...Heyward.

      The ones that desire him can not make a case for him. He's 26, and can catch the ball ?
      Stadiums too big for him ? Warning track power ? Go away !

      Go get the dysfunctional one from the Dodgers....Puig.
      Puig is only dysfunctional until Boston gets him. Big Popi had a screw lose also,
      if I remember right.

    10. You're missing my point. I am not jumping for joy to hand out a 10 year contract, that's my only hang up on Heyward.

      I don't concern myself with the money as much as I probably should. The AAV doesn't concern me much, especially if the deal is front loaded.

      It is worth mentioning though that Heyward is playing half his games every season in pitching friendly parks without protection. Comparing ARod and Teix to Heyward is apples to oranges in my opinion.

    11. I don't think I'm missing your point at all, but just in case, correct me if I have. You're saying you don't care about giving a 26 year old a 10 year contract, and you don't care about giving a player $20 million a year. Truth be told, I don't either. As long as it's for the right player. My point, is that Heyward is not the right player. We need a left handed, defensive oriented outfielder like we need a hole in the head. We have 2 already. We need a middle of the order right handed bat like Upton or Cespedes.

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    13. I'm not crazy about giving him a 10 year deal because I have said he isn't a middle of the order type bat. I'm just saying he would be the better all around player over Cespedes.

      The talk of the 10 year deal and it's worth that I brought up was that his numbers in St. Louis and Atlanta are like comparing apples to oranges if he came to New York.

    14. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE.....Get to the point here !...Re: Justin Heyward.

      We know he can catch. We know he is 26 years old, so are many others. We know big
      ball parks are not his bag. We know they say he should bat second.
      We know his offensive numbers are no big deal.....middle of the road at best.
      On, and on. And now apples, and oranges.....enough already !

      WHY ?.....This is his time ? Why ?....Dan-O, stop shadow boxing.

      Resign, Swisher. The same player, but a lot cheaper.
      The team does not need either.

  5. LETS PLAY....." ADD A POWER BAT " the 2016 team, to make things better.

    What am I missing here ? What do you see, that I do not ?
    I'll deal the cards, and you make the case for....JASON HEYWARD.

    6 years MLB....268 BA....avg 16 HR per year...avg 58 RBI per year. Really ?
    You want the team to saddle themselves to this guy ? For years!....Why ?

    Someone, please, explain this argument, because this guy is nothing special. And, I know in my
    weakened brain....that this guy will add nothing to improving the past three awful seasons.
    I say barely above mediocre, and he can catch the ball. So ?
    They can do better.

    1. You're missing the fact that he's 26-years old. I'd prefer to stay away from a 10-year deal that he will likely command but if this were Playstation he would be the ideal choice. He's not a 40 home run threat but he is a far better all-around player. Offense, defense, the whole package.

    2. Jason Heyward...Part ll.

      Daniel, please zero in, and explain to me. Be deadly blunt.

      Yes, I know Heyward is 26. That does not excite anyone. Just what does he do better than others, that makes him so attractive ?
      You can't say he is an offensive threat ? Which is what this team is screaming for. They
      need to score runs............58 RBI ? RBI every 3 games ?

      I don't get it. Nick Swisher was a better player

    3. Heyward has played in two of the better pitchers parks in his career. He has also had little to no protection in his lineups. He would come to a hitters park and probably hit second with ARod, Teix and McCann behind him meaning more fastballs.

      Heyward is not a middle of the order hitter on this team and shouldn't be relied on as so.

  6. WANT QUICK RESULTS ?...Pray, and hope, that the Yankees can move Jacoby Ellsbury
    to Chicago. So what if salary has to be absorbed. You made a mistake.....duh ?

    Gardner will be next, and easier.

    Then you have two slots to fill with players that can contribute offensively.
    Unlike the, parking lot attendant....Heyward

    1. I do not wish to be a malcontent....Therefore, I will no longer ask any difficult
      questions regarding Justin Heyward.

  7. I ran some tapes of Cespedes and found what was bothering me. He doesn't get a good jump on the ball and when he comes in on a ball he doesn't go all out for it. I haven't bothered to check his fielding numbers but I see very well and what I see is someone that has no hustle in him. I have no idea why he is playing CF on some teams.
    I wouldn't sign him, he reminds me of Beltran except he is faster.

    I have come to the conclusion if we move Ells or Brett this year bring up one of the guys from the Farm. Why bring in Hayward, we have as good in our system.

    1. What he proved this postseason ad World Series is that he has the speed to make up for some of those bad breaks and reads.

      I honestly haven't seen much of Cespedes until this season unless he was playing against the Yankees. His value would be right handed power to this team, I think the team would live with any defensive downfalls that Come attached.

    2. You and I have always had a difference as to the value of an offensive player and a defensive one.
      I like defensive players over offensive if the "D" bat isn't a black hole. Of course, there are other things that must go with the defensive player, runs scored, speed, OBP, AVG., and "Keep the line moving".

      I do agree a power right-handed hitter is needed very much but, only if he signs a 5/6 year contract (if over 30). Reading the ball and getting a jump on the ball are has it or not, the routes to the ball can be taught.

      Bottom line is; we have Haywards in the system already, our need is right-handed power, right?
      Go for the Power, Cespedes or someone else!
      See, I can change my mind when someone gives me a reason to do so! LOL

    3. On THIS team though, assuming you pair Cespedes with two speedy guys like Gardner and Ellsbury, you can afford for a guy to miss a beat or two. We've survived with Beltran and Chris Young for two years, Cespedes is a better defender than both of them in my opinion.

      Sometimes, especially in the era of the luxury tax and profit sharing where there are no longer super teams, you have to sacrifice offense for defense or vice versa.

      Cespedes has enough speed to man LF or RF, depending on a trade for both positions obviously. No way I want him manning CF though. His bat would be nice though, cannot lie. Takes the pressure off everyone including Alex Rodriguez.

    4. Oh, I know the facts of life in the Pro Baseball world Daniel, and you are right Cespedes is better than those guys in the field.
      If I were building a team, it would start with Pitching and Defence and go from there. Add a couple of power hitters along with guys that can play the game on both sides of the ball...and play well.

      The old axiom; "Good pitching beats power more than not" (mine) or (Good pitching beats good hitting" true, more often than not.
      My Opinion!


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