Thursday, November 5, 2015

Let the Long, Cold Wet Winter Commence

The 2015 World Series ended on Sunday, November 1st 2015 with the Kansas City Royals toppling the New York Mets in five games. While many of us, myself included, wasted an hour and a half watching the incredibly boring “Morgan” episode of The Walking Dead the hardcore fans watched the Royals come from behind yet again and win it all in front of the Mets home crowd thus starting the clock for the long, cold and wet winter to commence.

I believe in my heart of hearts that this offseason and winter is going to be especially long for the Yankees and their fans. Last winter was long and the team signed Chase Headley to man third base, Andrew Miller to close out games for the team and traded essentially Shane Greene for Didi Gregorius. Including the Nathan Eovaldi for Martin Prado, plus other pieces, deal the Yankees really only made four major deals last winter. Truth be told that may be four more deals than what the Yankees make this offseason, the roster is basically set.

The gift and the curse with the New York Yankees right now is their farm system and the fact that it is actually producing Major League level and caliber talent. I believe the years of filling every spot on the Major League roster with overpaid 30-somethings are over and I truly believe we are finally in the position to see just what the farm system has to offer. Does that mean the Yankees are going to have a $130 million payroll anytime soon? Lord know, they are still going to spend. The difference is when Brian Cashman says that “Bubba Crosby” is the Yankees starting center fielder on Opening Day I think he may mean it this time around.

When an opposing team or free agent knows you want a veteran presence to fill the void and know you’re not going to give the position to a young guy they get into the position of power. Cashman will not be giving that power to anyone this offseason in my opinion. Dustin Ackley and Robert Refsnyder will platoon at second base, Brendan Ryan will be the backup shortstop with Jose Pirela bouncing around everywhere in the infield and the outfield and the bench and bullpen will likely be filled out from within. The only signing I can see the Yankees making is the signing of a right-handed power hitting outfielder for the bench a la Chris Young from 2015 and half of 2014. That’s it.

The starting pitching is set, not that it cannot be improved with a trade or two, the bullpen is set, the starting lineup is set and the bench is basically set outside of a few spring training competitions or relatively minor moves. This has all the makings of a long, wet and cold winter ahead for Yankees fans, brace yourselves. Well unless Brian Cashman gets really, really creative. 

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