Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pete Kozma & Girlfriend Added To Wives & Girlfriends!

You know us here at The Greedy Pinstripes, we like to do things a little bit different here. We don't recycle the same old news stories with the same old ideas, we at least try and be original. We try and be social and we try to set the trends, not follow them. With that said that was one of the first ideas we had when we started the blog, post the players wives and girlfriends on the site. Other sites have followed suit a bit but none have been up to date like we have been and I take a bit of pride in that.

With that said we announce that we have added Pete Kozma and his girlfriend, Ciarra Adkisson, to the wives and girlfriends section of the site. Check it out HERE and enjoy.


  1. Can't say anything nice so I guess some people won't say anything at all huh?

    1. Don't know that much about him to give an opinion!


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