Saturday, December 5, 2015

You're A Tool, David Price!

"I think I was just saving all my postseason wins for the Red Sox."
-David Price
First, this is for the Tampa Rays fans, who must be incredibly ticked off at David. In four starts for the Rays during the postseason, Price was 0-4, and gave up 17 earned runs. In fact, his only postseason win for Tampa came in a relief role back in 2008 against the Red Sox.

So what about Detroit Tigers' fans? Well, I have a hard time feeling too bad for them, seeing as how Price threw eight innings in his only postseason start for them, giving up just two runs in a loss to the Orioles. It still sucks for any fan to hear a former player say something like that, but in this case I'm not quite so sorry.

That brings us to Toronto Blue Jays fans. I have no love for the Jays, or more specifically their fans, but Price's words had to sting quite a bit. In David's three starts this past postseason for Toronto, he was 0-2 (that lone win coming in another relief performance), and gave up 13 earned runs. Not only that, but Price allowed the Rangers to score three more runs in a three-inning relief effort. While they still have some bullets left in the chamber, the Blue Jays nearly mortgaged their future in order to get David Price at the trade deadline, only for him to throw like a bottom of the rotation starter. And then Price had the audacity to verbally spit in the face of ever Jays fan.

Note: I can't say how often I'm going to do these posts, but I plan on calling out more tools in the future.


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    1. A bit on the harsh side don't you think, Daniel? You are right but still Harsh...I mean, not harsh enough! I know you can do better than that! LOL

    2. Well I do like to keep this rated PG... so there's that


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