Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quick List of Yankees DFA Candidates

The New York Yankees 40 man roster is now full to capacity after the trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers that sent Rob Segedin out west and two recently designated for assignment players, Ronald Torreyes and Tyler Olson, back to the Bronx. It seems unlikely that New York would but if the Yankees want to add another arm to the squad or a final bench piece to the team before Spring Training that means they are going to have to clear out a roster space. Now that roster space can either come via trade, for instance a Brett Gardner for Gio Gonzalez trade with the Nationals where they swap 40 man roster spots, or it can come via the DFA.

Luckily for the Yankees they have a few options that they can DFA if the need for a 40 man roster spot comes up. Here is a quick list that I personally compiled so if I missed someone or if I’m completely off base with another please leave it below in the comments section. Thank you.

Mason Williams
Slade Heathcott
Kirby Yates
Nick Rumbelow
Nick Goody
Branden Pinder
Austin Romine

Having both Heathcott and Williams on the 40 man may seem redundant to some when you consider that Ben Gamel, Dustin Ackley and Aaron Hicks are there as well, so one if not both could conceivably be DFA’d if necessary. Neither would be likely to return. The same redundancy, for lack of a better term, can be seen in the pitching department. I would hate to lose Nick Rumbelow, Branden Pinder, Nick Goody or one of those bullpen arms but this is now becoming a numbers game. Plus these guys have a better chance of clearing and coming back than say Heathcott or Williams. Austin Romine may also lose to out to the numbers game since New York does not need three catchers on the roster and have plenty of depth behind him. Romine may actually be the least likely to return on the list because of his MLB readiness but it is worth mentioning that the young Yankees catcher is also out of minor league options meaning he has to make the team, which seems unlikely, or face waiver and a DFA for the second straight season. 


  1. Got a text from Yankees yesterday that Ronald Torreyes was DFAd

    1. Joan,

      you read correct. Welcome to the site. Stay awhile!

  2. I also,read the same thing...Joan.
    Welcome to the site, hope to read many more of your comments. Have fun and stick around!

  3. Tough list to be on. I wouldn't want to see any of these guys go. I could agree with a Gardner for Gonzales type trade though, as Gardner is now replaceable by Hicks. Ellsbury for Gonzales would be better.

    1. We don't want Ellsbury. For the same reasons we don't want Ellsbury are the same reasons the Nationals probably won't want Ellsbury.

      I'd make the trade every day of the week but I can't see Washington doing it.

  4. My thinking would be to name the unlikely players to be on this list:
    Rumbelow--Playable and tradeable.
    Heathcott--IF he can stay healthy one of the best OF
    Romine--Back-up for the first 1/4 or 1/2 half
    One of these players can be moved:
    Tyler Olson, Kirby Yates--I don't know much about.
    Branden Pinder--Rumbelow is the better pitcher, Right?

    1. It's all redundancy though. Yes Rumbelow and Goody are better than Pinder but they are all right handed relievers and replaceable.

      You might not want to, I don't want to personally, but the Yankees could.

    2. True, they know better than we do as how well and ready the other even Younger Pitchers are. There are a ton of pitchers in the lower system very close to pushing those guys off the 40 man. So, I am not worried at all, BP we have many, starters we don't.

    3. Here are a couple names to keep an eye out for this season:

      Chance Adams
      Johnny Barbato
      Will Carter

      In that order. I have an article about Carter and Adams scheduled for sometime this week. I think both could push towards the majors as soon as 2016.

    4. Thank you, Daniel, I was about to ask your opinion of them myself!
      Chance and Carter both would fit into the BP with their mid/high 90s fastballs. I'll stop right there as I want to read your article.
      Barbato, I know nothing about.


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