Sunday, February 14, 2016

TGP Prospects Night Open Thread featuring Gary Sanchez

One of my favorite Yankees prospects heading into the 2016 season is New York's backup catcher Gary Sanchez. Sanchez came through in a big way in 2015 hitting well at every stop he made including Double-A Trenton, Triple-A Scranton and the Arizona Fall League. This video showcases Sanchez at the Arizona Fall League where he played for the Surprise Saguaros. The Saguaros went far and did well this season but fell short of the championship with Sanchez falling short of the MVP Award. That's okay though, he's currently penciled in as the team's backup catcher in 2016. 


  1. Getting ready for spring. A million things to do, to get
    a garden nursery ready that mid-March showtime. Winter pansies show
    up second week of March. Was 1 degree today at opening.

    Baltimore is all over the rumor active circuit. All over.
    Jorge Mateo wants to be the next Jetter. Love that. Love that confidence.

    Finally...If Ken Hans wants to come back, I will step aside.
    He is better suited for the site as it moves forward.
    I can not be any more serious.
    No bad intent, from this polar bears keyboard. Believe me.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. THIS PICTURE ?...This new logo for old Ken...who is this ?
      Lets play 'Guess''s so small, but here's my two cents...
      ...Liberace, Live at Ceasars Palace..1964.

    3. Watch it, Patrick, I may tell your lovely wife you are picking on a very old guy!
      By the way, back before you could walk (few days ago) or talk (the good days) I saw, Oscar Peterson, Liberace and Steve Allen play the same song on three different pianos. It was something to hear and never forget. Steve, the great concert player, Liberace the jazzy player, and the greatest of them all Oscar, with the large hand span hitting notes very few could ever that my friend was music!
      You have a lot of work from here on out until October right? Better get your rest now, spring is just around the corner and no time for baseball.
      I do miss those double headers we use to have on the weekends.

    4. OSCAR PETERSON ?...Fritz's brother ? Was he the piano player for
      the 'Doobie Brothers' ?

      Should not have posted last night, that I would step aside for
      Ken Hans to return. I was running on fumes, and my bones were cold. At the time I was serious.

      To me he is a better fit than I. He's all baseball. Like all the rest of you.
      I can't do that. I zig-zag all over the place, and tend to use self deprecating humor.
      What was left of me at the time, last evening, was only thinking of the site.

      Besides that...I've been on so many lost patrols with you, that
      I can't count them all.
      Oscar Peterson ? A crossing guard over at Kennedy Airport ?
      Stay well.

    5. Everyone is welcome here patrick. No need for one to leave for the other to stay. We're all adults. We, and notice I said WE, need to act like it. I would never ask you to leave to get him to come back and vice versa. This should be the last of this discussion. If he wants to come back he can, if he doesn't he doesn't. That's not my fault nor is it your fault or Reed's fault or anyone's fault but his own.

      I put myself out there for almost 4000 Twitter followers daily and who knows how many reading. I get some nasty emails, tweets etc. and I turn the page. Hans has one person busting his balls.... I chose to, he chooses not to. Neither of us are wrong and neither of us are right. That's just the life we choose.

    6. Good show Daniel, very astute and true. You put yourself out there day after day I couldn't do that and never have.
      That is why it is nice to have you, Patrick and guys like Ken Hans around. As I was told once; unless trouble is at hand, Nobody likes the Junk Yard Dog"!

  2. If Mateo hits in the #1/#2 spot and learns not to hit so many fly balls, he may be able to hit near or at .300 every year. And he is a very good glove but, may end up at 2nd base unless they come to the conclusion he will out do Didi at SS.

    1. Mateo has the speed, he almost has to hit either #1 or #2. His bat may not be strong enough to carry him anywhere else. He may hit .300, who knows, but he will never be a big power guy. He will always have to rely on his legs, and that's perfectly okay.

    2. Hell, as fast as he is said to be, he could slow down at the age of 32 and still be fast enough.

    3. Very true. Always think of Ichiro who still can move quick for his age when I think of Mateo aging.

  3. FOUR my calculation, since that Houston pitcher, with
    that beard, sent the 2015 Yankees packing after the wild-Card game.
    Four months ? Hard to believe.

    So here I am waiting on pitchers, and catchers. Now I can watch players
    do stretching exercises in warm weather. Done this for a hundred years.
    The players will laugh, act silly, and some even wear those dumb black socks.
    The snowbirds in the seats will glare at some guys wife sitting next to them. They all need Viagra, and their prostates are all in trouble.
    You all know the drill.

    I guess I'm optimistic. The bullpen looks special, but after that I'm not convinced.
    Three years of being played a fool will do that to you.

    So why so glum ? I watched the patient die last summer! DOA.
    Barely had a pulse when the bearded pitcher from Huston showed up.
    Need magnification ?
    Yankees batted .274 trough June & July. Remainder of the season...236.
    Look deeper.
    After 8/6 Alex batted .186...9HR...23 RBI. That's your power DH.
    After 9/1 Jacoby Ellsbury .224...Gardner .198...McCann .174.
    Same guys, now a year older. My arm is beginning to shake...Jesus help me.

    That's reason enough for concern. Oh yeah, Bird is gone now also.
    Maybe I am optimistic, but boys, no where near being an excited fan.
    And the bearded Huston pitcher is still lurking.

    1. Alex was tired, he at least has an excuse for his lack of production at the end of last season.

      Gardner, Ellsbury and McCann will likely hide behind injuries. Either way I'm remaining as optimistic as I was last year. I predicted 90 wins and a 2nd Wild Card and I predict about the same this season. Playoffs are playoffs and the older I get the less greedy I become.


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