Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yankees Announce 2016 Promotional Schedule Including Mariano Rivera Day?

The New York Yankees know how to throw a party and the organization knows how to honor their own no matter how big the stage. We've seen it recently with Derek Jeter day, Jorge Posada day, Joe Torre day, Bernie Williams day and even Mariano Rivera day but one of these men is going to get another day all to himself in 2016. That man is the Sandman, Mariano Rivera. The Yankees announced their promotional schedule for the upcoming season and Rivera will be honored on Sunday, August 14th with a "Mariano Rivera Monument Park Plaque Dedication." Cool!

See below for the entire list of upcoming giveaways and promotions from the Yankees.


  1. OUT OF ALL ...those above dumb promotional days, only one stands out.
    That is on May 14, Alex Rodriquez Bat Day. Why....

    That day shows how the organization has come to it's senses regarding Alex Rodriquez.
    And, how Alex has re-embraced his playing time remaining as a player.
    Glad to see that.

    What we have now is a better team than last year. How much better ?
    A bold trade move this spring for a strapping young starter is the correct move. The montra since last October.

    Unless of course, you want to see some bearded guy from Houston....
    ....throw you out of the wild card game again.

    Please don't play the faithful for fools, again.

    1. Totally agree patrick. This is an olive branch from the Yankees in my opinion. He's not the ticket seller he used to be even after a comeback and redeeming season in 2016 but the Yankees did it anyway. Pay back for donating his home run milestone bonus to charity I'm sure.


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