Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Yankees Spring Training Open Thread 3/22

What happened down at Yankees spring training camp today? Let's get caught up!

The New York Yankees and the New York Mets are currently facing off head-to-head as a part of the Grapefruit League while the Tampa Bay Rays are in Havana, Cuba. Along with the Rays are the President of the United States Barack Obama and former Yankees legends Joe Torre and Derek Jeter.

Jacoby Ellsbury was reevaluated today and the plan is to still get back into a game on Thursday. In Joe Girardi talk that means Friday, maybe Saturday.

Nathan Eovaldi pitched 60 pitches in a minor league game today while Ian Clarkin also pitched in a minor league game. That's one more game than last spring for Clarkin. Luis Torrens hit a home run in the game so his shoulder looks good thus far.

Slade Heathcott was optioned to Triple-A. I guess Ellsbury really is fine.


  1. TWO & OUT :
    I love this transformation of Alex. So animated. So emotional.

    I think he knows his playing days are winding down. Like sand seeping
    from a bottle. He's trying to slow the clock down, and hold on to
    every special moment.

    Some say he will manage someday. I see a bit of Lou Piniella in him.
    Manage the Yankees ? Time will tell.

    Secondly. The Yankees beat the Mets today. Their idiot fans are the
    ultimate front runners. Such pathetic losers.
    I'm sort of surprised they haven't blamed George Bush for the loss.

    One more....Those poor dead souls in Paris, and now Brussels, would be
    alive today if they had closed their boarders, and vetted.
    Trump says that, and he is hammered. Even called Hitler.
    We're next, make no mistake, unless we reset our thinking.

    I would water board every last one of them.

  2. Patrick as someone who lost a loved one on 911 and being 10 blocks away myself on that day I couldn't agree with you more about the borders. Its time we stop being PC and start doing what is necessary to assure our survival as well as our kids and grandkids. Water boarding would be calm as far as the torture I would approve as President. They would welcome water boarding when I was done with them. Enough of this PC shit

    1. Ken H...
      Sorry about your loss. On that day, I was out of the country.
      I have met a few guys that would be a living nightmare for anyone they got their hands on...everyone talks! So they say anyhow!

  3. Replies
    1. Ken H...
      Sorry for your loss also. No need to acknowledge. God bless.

    2. Thank you Patrick I appreciate it

  4. I am also sorry for your loss Hans, truly.

    And patrick I third your comments on the borders and such. Trump has my vote because he's the only one of the bunch saying anything that makes sense or hasn't been recycled about 100000 times before. Close the borders, build the wall and make the country great again.

    Easier said then done, sure, but nothing is going to change until or unless we change it. And we have to change it radically, not slightly. That's Trump, and the end of my politics for the year LOL.

    1. I know Ken H will say I changed my mind again but, Trump is NOT my guy at all but, he may have a chance to get the nomination before the end of June or so. I just like Tad better because we are not playing by the same rules as the Dems yet. Trump will play hard ball and so will Ted but Deals will not be made with Ted only Trump makes deals.
      IF it ain't in the book, it ain't a law says Ted. Trump will make a deal...that the libs will not honor at all, which means we still lose.
      But Ted or Trump is better than anyone else I can think of out there.

    2. Thank you Burch I appreciate it. Reed you do flip flop a great deal and sometimes thats not a bad thing.

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