Wednesday, October 12, 2016

MLB Trade Rumors Presents 2017 Arbitration Salary Predictions

The crew over at MLB Trade Rumors is at it again. Every year Matt Swartz and company predict the salary projections for every player eligible for arbitration and way more times than not they are right in the neighborhood when the actual numbers come down. I don’t know how they do it but by this time I’ve stopped asking why and merely appreciate the effort they put in every offseason. This season the Yankees have nine players who will be eligible for arbitration and while some could be non-tendered and others could agree to a deal before this becomes an issue here are the projected salaries as they stand today.

Michael Pineda - $7.8 million

Pineda made just $4.3 million in 2016 and after another up-and-down season MLB Trade Rumors is expecting a significant climb in salary before he hits free agency in 2018. This seems awfully high to me but again I’m not going to be the one to question it.

Nathan Eovaldi - $7.5 million

After a Tommy John surgery and another arm injury there is no way Eovaldi is wearing a Yankees uniform in 2017 at this salary. The Yankees could restructure his contract for two-years and hope he bounces back from the surgery or they could simply let him go, either way he isn’t making $7.5 million in 2017. No way.

Didi Gregorius - $5.1 million

This isn’t even a discussion. If Didi wants $5 million, give the man $5 million. Bottom line.

Dellin Betances - $3.4 million

See Didi Gregorius. He helped the team signing a league minimum contract last season and now it’s his time to get paid. Three straight All-Star games and off-the-wall strikeout numbers is a steal at $3.4 million.

Dustin Ackley - $3.2 million

This is exactly what Ackley made in 2016 and he didn’t have much time to earn the salary after a significant shoulder injury ended his season prematurely. I can see him being designated for assignment and then brought back on a minor league deal a la Slade Heathcott from a couple years ago.

Adam Warren - $2.3 million

Warren made just $1.7 million in 2016 and after a horrible start to his season while with Chicago his salary is not expected to jump too awful much. Warren is a steal even at $2.3 million so don’t hesitate to give this guy the money. He can start or relieve and he just has a knack of being able to pitch well for the Yankees. I can’t explain it.

Aaron Hicks - $1.4 million

Aaron Hicks sucks.

Tommy Layne - $1.2 million

The Yankees have paid much more for much less in terms of having a LOOGY in the bullpen so why not.

Austin Romine - $900K

Romine far exceeded any expectations I had for him in 2016 and at $900K, even if he’s a third catcher, is a bargain for New York. Sign him up. 

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