Friday, November 4, 2016

Dellin Betances to Pitch in 2017 World Baseball Classic

In the now immortal words of Yankees manager Joe Girardi "it's not what you want" when you hear about the New York Yankees closer Dellin Betances being listed on the preliminary rosters for Team USA in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. It's not what you want at all. 

A list of 50 players were released according to Joel Sherman and Betances was the only Yankee on the list. Andrew Miller was also on the list in case you were wondering. The list is obviously preliminary as their is a long time between then and now but as I look at Betances' innings total over the last few years and as I see him wearing down and becoming less effective towards the end of each of those last few seasons you'll have to excuse me if I don't worry just a little. 

Final rosters will be finalized sometime in January.... here's to hoping Betances, or any Yankees player for that matter, won't be there. Sorry. 

The World Baseball Classic begins on March 7th and runs through March 22nd.


  1. The Yankee closer, Betances...and the World Baseball Classic.

    Not one person on earth can name who won the Classic, the last two years.
    Not only dumb, but who cares ?

    Besides players, whose careers have been wrecked, by pushing too hard,
    too early. Whom else cares ? Yes, there are many.

    For a Yankee to participate in that carnival, should NEVER be allowed.
    Followed by having his head examined.

    1. Only problem is with this situation is that if the player ends the season healthy the team can't tell them that they can't. The team can pay them (not in Betances' case but still) millions in guaranteed money but can't tell them when and where they can play?

      Something is wrong with that if you ask me.

    2. Its a scam and it should be put in every Yankee's contract that are unable to participate in the classic for fear of injury, just like they do with playing basketball or hang diving or jumping out of a plane.


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