Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Thoughts on the Young 2017 Season

The 2017 season is now officially eight games long, the ninth so start here in a few hours, so this seems like a good stopping point to collect my thoughts and impressions on the team. Three series in the Yankees are not where any team wants to be at this point in the season but there is an absolute ton of baseball left so I’m not screaming how the sky is falling or freaking out just yet. This is what I am thinking on though.

The pitching, overall, has been impressive. Sure Masahiro Tanaka hasn’t been thus far this season but he is the absolute least of my worries in the starting five. Assuming health, and nothing leads me to believe that an injury is causing his struggles thus far this season, Tanaka will be there when it matters and he should be much improved as the season drags on. Imagine if he pitched like vintage Tanaka in his two starts, the Yankees would very likely have two more victories and would be much closer to first place than they are.

The offense hasn’t been spectacular but it hasn’t been especially bad either. As the weather warms up the offense should get better as traditionally pitchers are always ahead of the hitters at this point in the season. Adding to that a healthy Gary Sanchez and a healthy Didi Gregorius and the Yankees offense could give teams a fit all summer long.

The bullpen has been amazing. Absolutely amazing. I am in love with this bullpen and with reinforcements potentially on the way I am very exciting about the 6th inning and beyond this season.

I know this isn’t the popular opinion but it’s an opinion I had before the season started and it’s an opinion I stand behind now nine games into the season that the New York Yankees have the potential to make a real run at a Wild Card this season. The team as is can stick around with most teams on most days but one must remember the Yankees have either the best or second best farm system, depending on what publication you are reading, in all of Major League Baseball. That either means they have a ton of options that they can plug in as reinforcements or it means that they could pull off the blockbuster or two that they need, as long as it’s done smart and not foolishly, to compete in July.

This team is scary and it’s sneakily underrated if you ask me…. But that’s only if you ask me. 

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