Saturday, July 1, 2017

Dustin Fowler Out, Jake Cave In?

EDIT: Clint Frazier called up making this entire post moot. Meh.

How heartbreaking was it to watch as Dustin Fowler ran into the wall in right field during his Major League debut only to have to undergo season-ending knee surgery in the first inning? I was personally pretty shook up about it because I have been watching these prospects fight and claw their way to the Major Leagues for what feels like forever so now that the Yankees organization is now giving them their shot I almost feel like a proud father of sorts. To see one of them go down in their first inning in the big leagues is just utterly disappointing but as I have said many times on this blog… the New York Yankees are resilient. The New York Yankees will just plug in someone else and the New York Yankees will bounce back so with Dustin Fowler out with a pretty significant tear in his knee could this open the door for fellow outfielder Jake Cave?

Jake Cave has been hot and he may be hot at just the right time. In his first 10 games back in Triple-A the lefty has hit .429/.459/.886 with three home runs and seven runs scored collecting at least one hit in all ten of those games. Could this kind of protection get him a spot on the 40 man roster with Dustin Fowler now done for the season?

Cave has many outfielders in front of him on the depth chart including Clint Frazier but Frazier is deemed not ready for MLB action yet and the Yankees need an outfielder with Aaron Hicks on the shelf. For now New York may seem content with running Rob Refsnyder out there… but for how long? Will we see Cave soon? Maybe this weekend or at the beginning of next week? Stay tuned.

Also, how awesome of a story would it be if Cave were to get the call to the Major Leagues and succeed? After being selected in the Rule 5 Draft back in December of 2015 by the Cincinnati Reds the center fielder went to almost the last day on Spring Training before being returned to the Yankees before Opening Day. Cave was assigned to Double-A Trenton where he got off to a .288/.353/.510 start in 27 games earning him a call-up to Triple-A with the Scranton/Wilkes Barre RailRiders. Cave finished the 2016 campaign in Triple-A with a .261 average in 89 games and was once again left unprotected in the Rule 5 Draft. This time no teams came calling for his services.

This would be the ultimate rags to riches story if I’ve ever seen one. Cave has stood up to diversity time and time again and won so there’s no reason to believe he won’t do so again if and when he finally gets that call to the show. I’m rooting for you Jake.


  1. Hey Dan, do you live in NY and do you actually watch games because of you did you would not have posted this thread since Frazier was called up. Lol, cmon already.,

    1. These are posted sometimes in advance. Sometimes I have time to edit them, sometimes I don't.

    2. Well, Daniel, someone else is reading your Bible other than those of your following!
      Of course, you already knew that, didn't you!

      By the way, how is the new promotion going, I hope for your sake it is not middle management...they get all the S-it and no credit!

    3. It's going. It was more of a lateral move than a promotion but to me, as burned out as I am with the people and my current position, it's a hell of a promotion in my eyes.

      I haven't fully received the reigns just yet. They keep telling me it's coming though. It would be unlike a company to flat out lie and lead you on though right.

    4. Not unheard of Daniel but, you show you can do the job and it would be hard for them to back, wouldn't it?
      Take a deeeeeep breath and go for it! Good Luck on getting the reigns!


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