Thursday, July 6, 2017

So it Seems the Deadline & An Off Day is Coming

So it seems like there may be a deadline coming and I didn’t even know it. Interesting.

The July 31st trading deadline is coming to Major League Baseball whether anyone knows it or is ready or not and we have been preparing for this day for what seems like at least a month now. Will the Yankees buy? Will the Yankees sell? Will the team stand pat and continue the youth movement whether it damns the team for 2017 or not? I honestly have no earthly idea as we sit here in the first week of July and I probably won’t have an idea for at least a couple more weeks.

Either way you look at it the deadline and the ultimate ultimatum are coming. Are you ready? Hey you. 


  1. Isn't it so strange that we don't know what they'll do? For the longest time they were always looking for things to "buy" in order to win, but last season's trades have made us all change our thinking.

    Personally, although I've wrote a lot about making "big" trades, I don't see anything like that happening. They will likely make a couple of mid-level moves that get them the Wild Card.

    1. continue the course, if gardner has a market, and we are swept off our feet, go for it... depending on hicks' timetable to return. then again, who knows if hicks will be continuing his .300 hitting.

      send pineda to Pittsburgh where he throws 1.00 ERA baseball and lands in top 5 for NL cy young. , behind scherzer, Kershaw, and nova, let chance adams take the SP spot.


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