Thursday, September 14, 2017

Quick Hit: Shohei Otani OFFICIALLY Coming to MLB in 2018

I know this is probably a little late but like I said this morning, we are just catching up after Hurricane Irma. Japan’s answer to Babe Ruth is coming to the Major Leagues in 2018, let the mayhem begin.

It feels like we have been talking about Otani forever now but the reality of the two-way star heading to the Major Leagues and the United States is about to come to fruition. Otani is leaving millions of dollars on the table by not waiting to his age 25 season to come to the Major Leagues due to the international free agent rules written into the collective bargaining agreement but part of me thinks either way Otani will be just fine.

Otani, 23-years old, has a 100 MPH fastball and a nasty slider to boot as well as a heavy bat that can hit 30-40 home runs in a season potentially. Many teams expect Otani to be a pitcher at the Major League level but you have to think that the draw of being able to hit more times than not in the National League might give certain teams a leg up on the competition, which is not good news for the New York Yankees. Of course Yankees pitchers get to hit sometimes as well with interleague play being an all-year thing now but more times than not New York is employing a DH on any given night.

There is expected to be anywhere from 12 teams or more vying for Otani this offseason including the Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox. Otani reportedly “likes the spotlight” according to one post I read this morning on the New York Post which would give a big market team like the Yankees an advantage but for every advantage is one disadvantage. The Yankees could potentially see Masahiro Tanaka opt-out of his contract at the end of this season as well and you have to think having a guy like Tanaka on your team would only help you in your pursuit of Otani, and the subsequent grace period and adjustment period after signing him.

Will the Yankees make a run at Otani? Absolutely, yes. Will they get greedy and get their man though? Time will only tell. Stay tuned… 

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