Friday, September 8, 2017

Yankees Statistical Leaders Through 139 Games

Wow. 139 games down and just 23 to go barring any sort of tiebreakers or Game 163 situations. That of course also doesn’t factor in the postseason presuming that the Yankees get their as the AL East Division champion or as one of the Wild Card winning teams in the American League. Before we get too ahead of ourselves and start printing playoff tickets just yet, and yes I am aware that the playoff tickets are already printed and just not released as of yet, let’s take a look and see how the Yankees got here. Let us take a moment to remember which bats, which gloves and which arms got the team to where they are today and let’s take a second to showcase which bats, gloves and arms will get the team to their ultimate landing spot at the end of the 162-game marathon that we call a MLB regular season. Here are the Yankees statistical leaders through 139 games, all stats and credit go to Baseball Reference and the YES Network.

The Yankees Offense

At Bats:

Brett Gardner – 513


Aaron Judge - 134


Didi Gregorius – 133 


Chase Headley – 30

Home Runs:

Aaron Judge - 39


Aaron Judge - 87

Batting Average:

Starlin Castro - .315

The Yankees Pitching


Luis Severino – 12


Masahiro Tanaka - 10


Starters: Luis Severino - 3.03
Bullpen: Chad Green - 1.97


Starters: Luis Severino - 201
Bullpen: Dellin Betances - 91


Aroldis Chapman - 16


Masahiro Tanaka - 1

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