Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Jacoby Out For Year...

The New York Yankees’ Jacoby Ellsbury will miss the remainder of the season(what a shock ๐Ÿ˜) after undergoing surgery Monday to repair a torn labrum in his hip. The surgery was performed by Dr. Bryan Kelly in Manhattan at the hospital for special surgery. Ellsbury, who has been plagued by injuries pretty much his whole carrer has been has been on the disabled list since the start of the season. This guy has been a major disappointment since signing with the Yanks.  For what it’s worth he is expected to recover from the arthroscopic procedure in six months. Which would put him in line to start next season fresh out the gate in spring training. I for one might consider this the time to just cut the losses and let him go.  Ellsbury, 34, had oblique and heel injuries during spring training before suffering the hip injury in April during his rehabilitation. 3 Injuries before even seeing the field in real game time action, is a cause for concern. Jacoby was already an injury prone player and as he gets older the injuries keep adding up more and more. He has two seasons remaining on the seven-year, $153 million deal he signed with the Yankees before the 2014 season. Well not worth the production he gives.  Hell its even less being he can’t seem to find the field.  Oh well in any case I wish him a speedy and fast recovery!   

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  1. Please release or trade him! Yankees will be stubborn and make us all suffer in spring training next year!

  2. Lol. I think they will try and move him. However his contact is over priced and we may have to eat most of it.
    I’m hoping they just let him ago either way.

    Thanks for all the comments Jimmy!!

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