Saturday, August 18, 2018

Paulie Paulie!!!

The time has come. The Yankee Brand needs to understand there will never be another Paul O’Neil. The number 21 should have been retired already!!!! It is only right that they do it now, not wait any longer. The worst thing to do is to allow another man to don the number 21. Paul is loved and adored by Yankee fans to this day as proven today. The cheers when he was introduced at the stadium today almost blew my speakers out.  

There is one only thing that would be upset that his number was retired..........The Water Cooler!! 😎

On a game to game basis,Paul poured his heart and soul into each at-bat, hell every pitch for that matter. His passion led late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner to give him the nick name “The Warrior" and suggested that the he was the heart, fire and soul of the team. A dynasty team at that. The man already has a monument, in Monument Park.  While his career stats as a Yankee are good but not Great(.303 AVG 185 Home Runs, and 858 RBIs), he has had some big moments in Pinstripes, as well as batting .359 in 1994, 4 All-Star sections, and of course 4 World Series Rings. All his teammates love him, as mentioned before the fans love him, and he is a winner, part of the greatest team in history of baseball, and an all time dynasty team. So I beg the Yankees brass please do the right thing......RETIRE #21

Let’s G⚾️ Yankees!!                         James C Palma as always I can be reached at  or on Twitter at @JamesCPalma


  1. One of my all time favorite Yankees - George nailed it - a warrior !

    1. Yes indeed!! A warrior for sure.

    2. Gritty, tough and the epitome of a warrior! Number should be retired without a doubt. Good read.

    3. Thank you sir Matt :) much Appreciated


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