Friday, September 21, 2018

Hello… Yankees Peaking?

Good morning Yankees family and welcome back to the blog. Are the New York Yankees peaking at just the right time? This weekend will be a good indicator of that, but after a good series with the Boston Red Sox I have to admit that I am once again getting cautiously optimistic over here. With the returns of Aaron Judge and Aroldis Chapman, among others, along with the additions of Justus Sheffield, Luke Voit, and others the feel of this team feels a whole lot different. I mean, take the game Wednesday night for instance. Luke Voit hit two Yankee Stadium home runs, Aaron Judge was all over the base paths and in the dugout hyping everyone up, Luis Severino looked to be back to being the Yankees ace, David Price still sucks, Sheffield got his MLB debut out of the way despite obvious nerves, and the Yankees obliterated the Red Sox. You don’t think the Red Sox were motivated to clinch on Yankee Stadium’s field? They had to be. The true test will be this weekend against a team they should sweep and/or easily handle. Will they? Stay tuned…

Hey you. I love you.

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