Friday, December 28, 2018

Manny Machado Chooses Yankees- Maybe

According to Dan Clark on Twitter,  blue check verified sports writer that covers the Baltimore Orioles (and who follows me, so he can't be that bad), all final offers have been submitted to Manny Machado to mull over. Clark goes on to say that Machado has chosen the Yankees deal and is expected to announce the deal after the new year.

Twitter link below:


  1. I can live with that but we need to sign DRob or Britton , Keep Gray and not trade Andujar .We need to see first if Didi will make it back this year in the field If he can only DH then we have to move Stanton to LF and go with a platoon of Bird ( who I still like)and Voit at 1B, Torres , Machado and Andujar.Machado giving pointers to Andujar ( I understand a lot of Andujar 's problems were positioning last year which allowed the ball to eat him or get on him to quick.
    There's makes good plays and then botches routine plays like Cano used to do.That could also be from learning / positioning.
    There is no way I would carry Ellsbury next year over Frazier unless we trade Hicks and Gray for Kluber then we keep Ellsbury otherwise we cut him lose and eat our losses.
    If we could trade Hicks , I might even be in favor of signing Harper also and move Gardy back to CF and Frazier becomes our rotating 4th OF until next year when maybe Floral might be ready or try Frazier at CF.
    I like Andujar, he has quick bat ,doesn't slump long like Torres did ( might be he was rushed back from hip problems)
    I am for 25 man rosters 3 man taxi squad that can be activated before game. The next day starting pitcher must be on 25.
    As for shifts goes, maybe all infielders must be on the I field kind of like all linemen on the line of scrimmage on offense in football.

    1. I totally Agree with your thoughts and hope Brian makes this decision..What a good team we would have if all this pans out!

  2. Hopefully if that is correct not for ten years.

    1. I can't see anyone giving him ten years, and if they do there will be MANY opt-out clauses written into the contract to protect Manny.


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