Thursday, June 28, 2012

HOPE Week Honors The GlamourGals On Day 4

A select few of the Yankees players will be surprising some senior citizens with make overs at a Nursing Home and a Rehab Center today. Here is the write up from the Yankees.

Rachel Doyle was a sophomore in high school when her grandmother passed away in a Nevada nursing home. To honor her memory and create a bridge between the generations, Doyle, then 17, created the first chapter of GlamourGals in 2000. The organization is comprised of male and female high school and college-age volunteers who give manicures and makeovers to the elderly at senior homes. The organization’s goal is to foster self-esteem and mutual respect while building meaningful relationships. Additionally, many seniors in nursing homes do not receive frequent visitors, and GlamourGals helps to fill that void.
More than a decade after her first makeover, Doyle serves as CEO. Her vision and dedication has seen the organization grow to approximately 1,300 volunteers in more than 62 chapters spanning 13 states, along with a chapter in St. Andrews, Scotland. The organization just expanded to the Bronx in April 2012.

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