Thursday, June 28, 2012


That was me. You know... besides the fact I'm not a young black kid.

I went to work this morning at 8:30am, and then went directly to a camp for basketball officials. I didn't get home until a little while ago, and as far as I knew the day was a good one for the Yankees as they beat the Indians 5-4. So you can imagine how hard my jaw hit the desk when I went to the LoHud Yankees Blog to check out their postgame notes.

The first thing I read was a post regarding Adam Warren being called up. Chad Jennings started out by saying Adam was being planned on as the long-man to replace Freddy Garcia. At that point I stopped reading and scrolled down to see what was going on. I mean... why was Garcia not going to be in that spot anymore? Was Garcia released? Traded? Or... *gasp*... was somebody hurt?

I was going to put a picture of a Yankee pitcher I'd be okay with being injured, but there isn't one. So here's a cute picture of a chimp and a white tiger.

My first bit of news was that Andy Pettitte fractured his ankle. Initially I thought the worst, as the words "Joba" and "Chamberlain" popped into my head. So it was a weird feeling of sadness/relief when I read that Andy may be out for a couple of months.

Of course, that wasn't all. I hadn't read that Adam Warren was going to start for the Yanks, meaning somebody else was hurt. So when I went further down the page, and read that Sabathia too was injured, I was simply in a state of shock.

I know! Let's pretend it's 2010, and Javier Vazquez is hurt. That makes me feel a bit better.

Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia were both lost on the same day (technically, CC was hurt last night, but it was official that he'd miss a couple starts today)? You've got to be kidding me!

Now for the moment you all have been waiting for... my positive spin on things.

The Yankees are currently 46-28, good for the best record in Major League Baseball (the Rangers are at 47-29, .004 percentage points below NY). They've scored 102 runs over their last 20 games, which averages out to 5.1 runs per game. Over the last 30 days the Yankees have actually scored 133 runs, third most in MLB (the Rockies and Red Sox have both scored 141 runs in that time). So if there was a time in which this should happen, where the offense has to pick up some slack, this looks to be it.

Adam Warren, who is somebody that prospect humpers have been dying to see get a shot, will face the White Sox on Friday. The southside Chicago team has scored 348 runs, 5th in the American League. However over the past 30 days their bats have cooled off a bit, as they've only scored 108 runs in that time, which is 21st in MLB. On top of that, Adam is lined up to face the Rays on July 4th in Tampa. The Devil Rays are 8th in the AL in runs scored with 317, but have only scored 103 runs in the past 30 days, which is tied for 23rd in the Majors. So the Yankees have lucked out a bit here.

On second thought, this guy doesn't look scared of anybody.

Then there's Freddy Garcia. The sweaty guy will likely face the Rays next Monday in the series opener, and as I just said... that team is not exactly hitting the snot out of the ball. The only unfortunate thing I really see happening is that Garcia is lined up to face the Red Sox, who have been blistering the ball this season. Sadly for those guys they are having issues on the other side of the ball, which could lead to a high-scoring game. Of course, I'm assuming Freddy doesn't pitch that well. But I'm thinking worst-case scenario with him, which is hardly a ridiculous thing to do.

So if things go well, Sabathia will likely return in the 2nd week of July, and bump one of Garcia or Warren from the rotation. At that point the team will be looking for one fill-in to help the team for the next six or so weeks. Playing Toronto (3 series), Oakland, Seattle (2 series), Baltimore, Detroit, and Cleveland during that stretch will be nice.

I'm not saying the news isn't bad. There's no way a team can lose it's ace, and one of it's other top starters, and feel good. The point I'm making is that things could be much worse than they are, and I didn't even mention that the All Star break will be in there as well, to help make sure CC is good to return, and give Andy more time to recover without the team having a few more games than they normally would.


  1. this sucks :( also the white sox play on the south side of chicago. cubs play on the north side.

    1. I wrote that thinking I may have been wrong, but forgot to check it out. Sorry about that.

    2. this sucks is an understatement...


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