Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yankees Send Romine, Heathcott & Adams To The AFL

The Yankees announced today that they will be sending Austin Romine, Slade Heathcott, and David Adams to the Arizona Fall League this coming offseason. This does not come as a surprise, not to me anyway, for many reasons. The main reason being that all of these guys have been injured for significant time not only this season but last season as well.

Austin Romine obviously missed almost all of this season with a back injury that has now been diagnosed as healed. He could use the extra at bats and seasoning behind the plate. Not to mention that we have a big decision, and gaping hole, at catcher this offseason with Russell Martin being a free agent. We have Francisco Cervelli in the minors available if need be but he does not project to be a starting catcher in the major leagues. Austin Romine is still considered major league ready even with this year almost lost, even with the season lost, not that he does not need seasoning.

David Adams has lost parts of a the past few seasons due to injury but has had an overall terrific and healthy season this year. David now seems to be on the fast track to the majors as a utility infielder player so I see why they would want him in the AFL. He is also learning a new position, third base, since he is blocked by Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez is aging. He could use the rep's at third base as well so that would not hurt.

Slade Heathcott has missed parts of the last three seasons due to various shoulder injuries. His "all out" and "balls to the wall" kind of reckless play is really appreciated until you get injured. He was so promising when drafted and maybe he has finally turned the corner with his health.

Others guys that can possibly go, because each team gets to send seven players to the Arizona Fall League, are pitchers Dan Burawa (@GreedyStripes follower on twitter :D ) if his oblique heals in time, Mark Montgomery, Preston Claiborne, Branden Pinder, Zach Nuding, Tommy Kahnle, and Matt Tracy. Interestingly enough though teams are only allowed to send one Single-A player to the AFL and I am shocked it is Heathcott and not, say, Dante Bichette Jr.


  1. I would like to see Romine and Heathcott be a part of the long-term strategy for the Yanks.

    1. As would I. I think everyone wants to see Romine especially as long as Martin has batted under the mendoza line and now cant even defend for some reason lately.

    2. By the way this was our 700th post on the blog and we only started in January


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