Friday, October 19, 2012

Expect Andy Pettitte's 2013 Decision To Come Quickly

Andy Pettitte has hinted at and teased Yankees fans all summer long about the possibility of a potential 2013 return for one last final season but the good news is we will not have to wait long for an official answer. Andy is expected to make his decision within the next month or so and let the Yankees know either way whether to expect him back for one more shot. He has never been shy in saying that the fire and the competitor is still alive inside of him but he has also pointed out that his family comes first and his kids are not getting any younger either. Andy finished the season with a 5-4 record, 2.86 ERA, 69 K's, and a 1.124 WHIP all in 12 starts and 75 IP.  The Yankees would jump for joy to have the veteran lefty back for one more reason and would not shy away from him because of money either with it being a one year deal because they could still stick true to their 2014 luxury tax threshold goal.

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