Friday, October 19, 2012

Yankees Very Likely To Offer Qualifying Offer To Swisher

The new collective bargaining agreement states that a team must offer their potential free agent a qualifying offer in order to be eligible for draft pick compensation if that player leaves. The qualifying offer consists of an average salary of the best 125 players in the league on a one year deal so this year it figures to be in the one year $13-14 million range. The Yankees have already expressed that they have no interest in signing Swisher to a multi year contract and I doubt that Nick Swisher wants to sign for one year so the Yankees may, for once, actually get some draft compensation out of a free agent. This kind of news pretty much cements, in my mind anyway, that Nick Swisher has seen his last day wearing pinstripes. Then again after a less then stellar post season on top of the team having to give up a draft pick in order to sign an above average outfielder sliding out of his prime just may force Swishers hand into accepting the deal. It is definitely going to be an interesting offseason.

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