Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Is Kyle Lohse Still A Free Agent, Brian Cashman?

How in the world is free agent starting pitcher Kyle Lohse still a free agent and why is Brian Cashman not doing anything about it? Kyle Lohse is the only player left that declined a qualifying offer and is linked to some sort of draft pick compensation, something that the Yankees can afford to lose since we received compensation for Nick Swisher and Rafael Soriano, and a Scott Boras client which does not look to be willing to sign a one year deal, and frankly he should not have to.

In the last five seasons Lohse has pitched at least 188 innings three times including each of the last two seasons while winning at least 15 games in three of those five seasons as well. His 2012 line alone should be garnering him more interest from clubs after going 16-3 for the St. Louis Cardinals with a 2.86 ERA in 33 starts and 211 IP. With a very impressive 1.09 WHIP and an ERA+ of 134 and a 7th place finish in the National League Cy Young vote it just boggles my mind how Kyle is still a free agent this deep into February.

With the impending free agency of Phil Hughes after the 2013 season and the uncertainty behind Ivan Nova I cannot fathom why the Yankees are at least not, reportedly anyway, kicking the tires on this guy. Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte also look like they will be on their pinstripe farewell tour as well this season so the Yankees will need some veteran presence in the rotation beyond CC Sabathia in 2014. The only thing that could be keeping Cashman from getting involved is the switch from the American League to the National League and Kyle's sub .500 W/L% career in the American League but then again it wasn't until he reached St. Louis until his career took off so I am willing to take the chance. If we can get Lohse at a reasonable price for three years or less I do not see how we don't send Nova or Phelps out in a trade or some how make room for a guy like Kyle Lohse. This seems like the perfect kind of move that Ninja Cashman would make and this would really improve the team for 2013 and beyond so get it done Cash!

Plus I wouldn't mind adding him and his wife to the Wives & Girlfriends section of the site, I'm just saying.


  1. Please God No. Lohse has had a couple of nice seasons in a terrible division with the best catcher in baseball. His numbers the last couple of seasons are nice but the rest of his career is middle of the road at best. The Cards have a history of making pitchers better than they are the last few seasons and I doubt he would be much of an upgrade in the 5 spot especially when you factor in an 8 figure annual deal. He's entering his decline phase and NY can't keep getting players as they enter that phase. I'll pass

  2. A 3-year stop gap doesn't sound that bad...now if we were talking about a A.J. Burnett-type deal, I would say pass.

    1. AJ signed very early in Spring Training... we're almost into March here.. and spring training already started. I dont see how it even comes close to an AJ type deal.


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