Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Morning Bits: Cervelli, Nova, Opening Day

mug3Good morning all.   Away we go....

-- The Yankees consider The Great Gazoo I mean Francisco Cervelli a fair bet to start Opening Day writes Andy McCullough of The Star Ledger.

-- After his start yesterday Ivan Nova continue to fight for the 5th spot in the rotation.  Article is also from McCullough.

-- Anthony Reiber of Newsday writes that for the first time ever the Mets and Yankees will open the season at the same time, same day and in the same city.


  1. Matt, I think the Yanks will keep both Nova and Phelps, they are under control, Joba could be the one that is traded.

  2. Doug, with him only being a reliever and on the last year of his deal can't see him fetching much

  3. The Rangers are looking at him, who do they trade for Joba? One of their first basemen, or an outfielder. What would it take to get Murphy or Olt?


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