Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yankees Looking At Recently Released Boesch & Cooper

Joel Sherman, via his Twitter account, has said that the Yankees are looking into signing Brennan Boesch and David Cooper.

David Cooper is a 26 year old first baseman, who was a first round pick for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2008. In 72 games for the Jays Cooper hit .270/.310/.441, and hit .346/.423/.537 in AAA. Unfortunately he's been battling a back injury that not only kept him out of camp this year, but could end his career. He probably won't return to the field in 2013, so I'm not really sure why the Yankees are interested seeing as how they may need him this year... not next.

Some may have heard of Brennan Boesch, the former Detroit Tiger outfielder that hit .283/.341/.458 with 16 home runs in 2011. Those same people may be aware that he followed up that season with a 2012 batting line of .240/.286/.372 with 12 home runs. On top of being a big-time hacker at the plate, Boesch is pretty much useless as a defender.

I don't see the Yankees truly being interested in either player, so I'm hoping this is another example of Cashman just looking into every option without actually doing anything there.

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