Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yankees/Angels Agree On Money In Vernon Wells Deal

Update 8:07 The World Baseball Classic will pay around $7-8 million of Mark Teixeira's salary while he is on the disabled list since his injury happened while playing for Team USA. This is essentially what they will be paying Vernon Wells for 2013. Not the best allocation of the resources but what can you do?

The Yankees and Angels have agreed upon the basic structure of the trade including the money part of the deal. The Angels will reportedly pay AT LEAST $32 million of the $42 million owed to Vernon Wells but Buster Olney reports that the Yankees will pay Vernon $13 million over the next two seasons. Either way I cannot say I am happy about this even if we give up absolutely nothing for him. The league still has to approve this deal but this deal is basically all done but the paperwork. Welcome to the Bronx Vernon.

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