Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Home Run Derby Participants Announced

The 2013 State Farm Home Run Derby participants for next Monday July 15th have been announced, well most of them anyway. Here is the list.

For the American League with captain Robinson Cano we have

Robinson Cano

Prince Fielder
Chris Davis

For the National League with captain David Wright we have

David Wright
Carlos Gonzalez
Michael Cuddyer
Bryce Harper

Should be fun to see Chris Davis and Bryce Harper take their turns at the plate. Michael Cuddyer is pretty underrated in my opinion but I cannot see him making a serious run for the victory in a bigger field like Citifield. I wonder who the TBA will be, which will be announced tomorrow, for Robbie Cano. Speculation and predictions from TGP thinks that it will either be Nelson Cruz or Miguel Cabrera so we will see when it is announced tomorrow. 

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