Friday, July 12, 2013

My Plan To Navigate This Years Trading Deadline

We need an upgrade at catcher and Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann seems to be available and makes a ton of sense for the Yankees. With the Yankees seemingly getting zero production from their catchers this season this seems like an obvious place to begin the upgrading at. Francisco Cervelli just had a set back that will keep him out until at least August and with this whole Biogenesis mess looming and a possible 50 game suspension for Cervelli it might not be a bad idea to get ahead of the curve here. The Braves have three catchers and seemingly have to trade one you would think and McCann makes the most sense for them to trade. McCann makes the most money and is a free agent at the end of the season so we can still give Cervelli his spot back next season.

Yankees get Brian McCann

Braves get David Adams, Brett Marshall, and Francisco Rondon

Russ Canzler was designated for assignment and released for the 19th time this season, obvious exaggeration, and is now a free agent that the Yankees would sign if I were running the show. Russ can give us an obvious upgrade offensively at first base over both Lyle Overbay and Travis Ishikawa. Russ also gives us an enormous upgrade over the David Adams, Luis Cruz, and Jayson Nix show we have all been watching at third base although his defense is considered to be suspect over there. Russ also has experience in the outfield making him a better back up option than Vernon Wells and guys like Brennan Boesch if and when he comes back. The best part is he does not require us giving up anything but money which is always a plus.

My deal is a two year deal for Canzler worth $1,000,000. Russ is going to have suitors and flock to a guaranteed major league deal not only for this season but next as well. This gives him plenty of at bats this season and a utility role a la Eric Chavez next season. 

This may be a dream ultimately but the Philadelphia Phillies may or may not be, depending on what report you believe, interested in Joba Chamberlain and we are interested in Michael Young so why not do a swap? The Yankees get another aging veteran and the Phillies get a 28 year old reliever that has closer potential if he can keep guys off the bases. The Phillies save money and have the opportunity to sign Joba long term an we get closer to competing this season, win win for everybody. 

Phillies get Joba Chamberlain
Yankees get Michael Young

I am literally pulling this trade out of my behind here admittedly because we have not been linked to Addison Reed or Matt Thornton and the Chicago White Sox seem ready to sell off and rebuild but hear me out. Addison Reed is young and is someone we can build around replacing Joba Chamberlain after this season. Matt Thornton gives us that second left hander that we seem to covet and gives us the opportunity to compete this season. Also we get a little bit of international spending money for this season allowing us to pick somebody up. The Chicago White Sox have the ability and the cash to build around Hughes and sign him to a long term deal. I know the Angels are interested in Hughes supposedly but for some reason I am scared and reluctant to trade him to an already stacked, albeit struggling, Angels team. 

Chicago White Sox get Phil Hughes
Yankees get Addison Reed, Matt Thornton, and International Spending Money

If we make these four trades or acquisitions and get back a healthy Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Curtis Granderson we could go into August and September baseball with a competent looking roster. Not to mention a bullpen that can match or beat any bullpen in the league not only for this season but beyond. 

C Brian McCann
1B Lyle Overbay
2B Robinson Cano
SS Derek Jeter
3B Alex Rodriguez
LF Curtis Granderson
CF Brett Gardner 
RF Ichiro Suzuki

BN Chris Stewart
BN Russ Canzler
BN Michael Young
BN Vernon Wells
BN Zoilo Almonte

1. Gardner
2. Jeter
3. Cano
4. Rodriguez
5. McCann 
6. Granderson
7. Hafner/Canzler
8. Overbay/Canzler
9. Ichiro Suzuki


  1. Thornton is playing poorly, is overpaid and still two months short of 37.

    Isn't he too young to be pitching for the Yanks?

  2. Thornton gone... Canzler gone.. not looking good


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