Friday, July 12, 2013

HOPE Week Stops In With Stand For The Silent

The Yankees latest stop this week and the last day of HOPE Week is with an organization called Stand For The Silent. Stand For The Silent is an organization that fights against bullying and held a presentation in the great hall at Yankees Stadium today. Kirk Smalley ran the presentation for around 500 people today as he has with the previous 700,000 people before that have been blessed to have seen this presentation.

Standing with Kirk for the presentation was Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal, Brian Cashman, Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain, Travis Hafner, Boone Logan, Lyle Overbay, and Austin Romine. The Big Show from the WWE will also be there but that's for another post on another blog.

Here is the write up from Chad Jennings for the Stand For The Silent organization.  This concludes what has been an absolutely great HOPE week thus cementing that the Yankees may be the best evil empire to have ever existed, kudos Yankees!

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