Saturday, August 24, 2013

Brett Gardner X Rays Come Back Negative On Hand

Brett Gardner has been sent to get a precautionary MRI and X Ray on his hand after taking a pitch off of it in last night's game. Gardner remained in the game after he was hit but was seen flexing his hand and fingers a bit so the Yankees felt like they had to be sure. Gardner's next at bat after the HBP was his triple to the gap so it seems healthy so at this point, after the season that we have had, you can never be too sure. I am not worried about this MRI or injury at all although if we did lose Gardner that would be absolutely devastating to the team so hold your collective breathes while we wait on the results.


The X Rays on Brett Gardners hand have come back negative as we all thought they would. Gardner is not in the lineup tonight but that is because the Yankees are facing a lefty in David Price. His hand is swollen but he is available to come off the bench later in the game. Everyone can take a breathe now and we can focus on beating those Rays.

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