Friday, November 29, 2013

What I Am Thankful For: YOU!

In the finale of my look at what I am thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving I give you my Black Friday thankful list. I am going to keep it kind of personal but I am also going to keep it Yankees related if I can. I am thankful for each and every one of you reading this. Yesterday I thanked my wife because this blog would not be what it is today without her well the same could and should be said about you guys.

We have about 400,000 views something I thought was simply unattainable when we first started with this project and the numbers continue to grow everyday. We're sitting right around 1,800 Twitter followers and growing which makes me happier then the views do because I love talking Yankees baseball with you guys and girls. I just want everyone to know that you ARE appreciated by everyone here at The Greedy Pinstripes and we love you guys, and we thank you for making our lives better and our jobs more worth doing by stopping by and reading our stuff, commenting on our stuff, and chatting with us on Twitter.

I'll end this mushy Christmas spirit taking over stuff here by just thanking you once again and promising that we will not let our foot up off the gas and we look forward to another great season in 2014. Everyone be safe, be full of leftover turkey, and be loved. 27 more days until Christmas.


  1. Tireless Daniel B.....your numbers reflect the effort you put in to your site. I can't say..." you go, girl."
    But, you know what I mean. Proud to chip in, and ride your coat tails.
    400,00 views, and girls coming out of the broom closet !!....Can't beat that.

    This cheesy stuff aside, are you going to get worse as we approach Christmas ?

    1. What! You want him to change? That is Daniel, that is who he is. Wish more of us (me) were as he is.
      Mushy, cheesy and classy!

    2. Patrick there is a very good chance I will get worse towards Christmas. I absolutely love Christmas lol.

      Mushy, Cheesy, and Classy. I can't speak much on the latter but the former sums me up :)

  2. THANKFUL : .....
    That should be my next dissertation. On why I am thankful ....that YFU went down the tubes.
    An expository essay on the inner workings of a conveyor belt driven website.
    Names, stooges, and the mgmt.mentality, that drove it into the New Jersey sewer system.
    I see Pulitzer written all over it.
    I see patrick, on the FOX NEWS....with Bill O'Reilly...." when did you know YFU was nuts / crazed ? "......
    " patrick, you are a charming person, why did YFU wish you were dead ?"
    " patrick, you mean to humor !!...only mental ward conversation at YFU ?"
    " patrick, a human being called himself...Rooster ? and he was the dumbest of all of them, at YFU ?"

    Yes, Yes,'s all true! ...Lets see? title..............

    But, all this comes with consequences. I would be waking up the dead. The YFU dead site.
    They would come to this site, to try and kill in the novel..."Barbarians at the Gate."
    Stooges from another mind set, that is what they were. And, they all dissipated into the darkness. Like skunks.

    They followed our trail, not just mine, to Greedy Pinstripes. They watch, and quiver, because they
    know, I will write my essay....if given permission. Old e-mails in my safe box, screaming to be released.
    Venting, yes. But, waiting to pull the trigger.

    1. You have free reign here Patrick, especially as a writer. It's not like you are going to start a war lol. Just be ready for what it could bring yours and our way.

    2. Thank you sir. .....I was taunting the under class, that they are.
      No need to be concerned with that group, I am on a level playing field now.....that shuts them
      down. Stay well. Thanks for the nice words.

    3. Oh boy, here we go again! Ye, shall walk in the shadow of filth and vermin to do what?
      Nay, nay I say to thee, stay away from the sewer, there be rats and gators down there, to be sure!
      Did you not get enough of those vermin? They never had an understanding of "difference of opinion", like most Liberals, only their opinion is the right one! Leave it alone Patrick!

  3. kENNETH....No....not here we go again. That will not happen again.
    It was only me firing broadsides into the darkness. My canon' laced with black powder, and humor.
    Those rats, gators, and roosters will never respond. The playing field is level.
    Liberals ? No, communist bloggers, was what they were. Cowards, and earthworms...Jersey Boys.
    Someone said the Jersey Boys were right about friend, they were right about nothing.
    It's alright to carry a grudge, I've earned the right.
    Ken...all is well.

    1. Oky, doky Patrick!
      I have found, carrying a grudge is very heavy but, carrying nothing but the funny things that happened during the worst of times is much easier on ones back!

      Forget the bad and remember the good, remember...I too was getting the same shit as you but, I moved stayed and took all their shit, bad choice but, your choice! You are a better person than all of them...move on!

      Little people, little minds and little attention should be paid to such little things!

      My rant of the day...was that a rant?

    2. Horse Soldier,... Ken......a big thumbs up !! A fine rant.

    3. You need to work on those rants. No anger, no rage, no expletives, I am disappointed ;)

  4. Rants, for seniors :....Daniel, I have read Ken's rants over the years, and have been the subject
    of more than a few. He can, and will, meet all you criteria.
    He knows a skunk when he sees one, and when he pulls the pin....keep your head low.

  5. MY CHUM hanging off the stern, to create a chum slick. To entice another, if you will.

    Here I am, a blue collar guy named...patrick...I am the same. It's you that I am unsure of.
    You were free to link my name, to what the Jersey Boys think. And then, pssssssst ! Off you go.
    I don't want to talk about those losers from Jersey. You are better than them.

    I stand on top of a wooden crate. Eyes blind folded, arms outstretched. I will not respond, tonight.

    Have at me. let it fly. bring it, do a Trayvon on me...whatever. But, don't be what those Jersey jokers are.
    Kill the magic, or resurrect it. Your call....your
    Don't trip climbing up the steps. It's all yours.


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