Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yankees Interested In Nate McLouth

The New York Yankees added one more free agent to their Christmas shopping list today when they announced an interest in Baltimore Orioles outfielder Nate McLouth. McLouth is obviously going to be a back up plan for Carlos Beltran, Curtis Granderson, or Corey Hart but the interest is still there nonetheless. The chances that McLouth actually comes to the Yankees is probably slim, and the Orioles are monitoring him on free agency as well, but the Yankees are definitely keeping tabs.


  1. NATE McLOUTH...a charming young man. I'm sure he has had many crab cakes at Phillips restaurant, in the inner harbor.. try the back fins.
    He most likely goes to mass on Sunday, and has a vast collection of the great Lynyrd Skynyrd CD's.
    My new favorite / an oldie ..........'Simple Man',.... check it out on You Tube.

    That said, who wants him as plan B....to Beltran ? Maybe plan L.
    531 AB...258 avg. ...12 HR ( OK, so far )...and 36 RBI.....36 RBI, for all of 2013. Imagine ?
    Ben Francisco are you watching ?
    Whats with the photo ? Did he fall into a key lime pie ?
    Grady Sizemore, step up.

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