Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yankees Said To Not Be "In" On Ervin Santana

The New York Yankees are interested in almost every starting pitcher on the free agent market right now with the exceptions of Phil Hughes, for obvious reasons, and Ervin Santana, for not so obvious reasons. The Yankees brass does not feel that Santana would be a good fit in New York, which I disagree with, and do not like the fact that he would cost the Yankees a draft pick since Santana was offered a qualifying offer. Santana is expected to decline the offer fro the Royals and will test the market via free agency. There is no way that Santana would fit in with the Yankees goal of getting under the $189 million luxury tax threshold which may be the ultimate decision maker for the Yanks.


  1. He had a great 2013, but that doesn't hide his downfalls in previous seasons. I don't trust him... especially on a deal longer than a year or two.

  2. I don't like Santana. His inconsistency over the last few years is just too much.

  3. $100 million counts me out automatically. Great 2013 or not. Consistent or not.


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