Monday, December 23, 2013

Yankees Bring Back Matt Daley On Minor League Deal

I know more than one of our readers who comment on the site that will be made happy for Christmas knowing that Matt Daley is back with the New York Yankees on a minor league deal. The deal will likely come with an invitation to Spring Training, although that was not confirmed either way in the press release, after being non tendered just a month ago.

Daley is a Queens native, which always makes having him on the team fun for fans, and was the guy who replaced Mariano Rivera on his final outing of his career that September night in Yankee Stadium. Daley allowed two hits and zero walks with eight strike outs in six innings this season in the majors. Daley pitched to a 2.02 ERA in the minors in 2013 across three levels after coming back from shoulder surgery.


  1. Matt Daley.....candles do work.
    Forget about what I feel, this signing will reap rewards. I am very pleased.

    1. Has a legit shot to make the bullpen as it stands right now.

  2. Grant Balfour....this guy will bring an edge, an attitude and, a personality to any bullpen.

    Yankees get a second chance here. Robinson recently said he would pitch the eight, if asked.
    Go back, and reopen conversation with Balfour. Get your doctors to check him out....and if he is
    OK....pull the trigger.
    The bullpen reworking will be done....for the 2014 campaign

    1. If Balfour pitched the 8th I'd jump up and down for days

  3. Ken Reed.....not again.
    The dog w/ the hat, the Kenny & the Belmonts, the western New York biker, the lovely Mrs. Reed,
    Fidel Castro's son and, Davey Crockett................more to follow ? And now, Nunez !!
    I know I'm leaving others out.
    Merry Christmas.......Kenny Reed.
    From patrick & Anne Marie.

  4. Alex Rodriquez....As time move along, this is idiotic. All the other users have been given passes, or
    reasonable suspensions. Why hammer him.....or, run him out to the gallows ?
    NO OTHER option is better than a healthy Alex. None.

    Be fair to him, and lets turn the page, and move on. This is like swimming through sea weed.
    Alex, Beltran, Tex, Soriano, McC....or, Nunez followed by Beltran, and the others ?

  5. Daniel Ellijay Burch.....Mrs. Burch, and your young men.

    Thank you for allowing me to be part of the Greedy family.
    Daniel, you have been very kind, and understanding with me. I appreciate that.
    Merry Christmas.....sir.
    patrick & Anne Marie.

    1. Merry Christmas from myself, Crystal, Evan and Hayden to you and Anne Marie.

      I love talking with you and working with you Patrick, Merry Christmas!

      We look forward to that follow up article!

  6. J.R. Murphy....Sorry, Murphy was not to be my curtain be it.

    J. R Murphy...young, and talented. Why the hell would anyone pull anything from that
    laundry basket of junk....that Chicago may be offering ? Dumb.


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