Monday, December 23, 2013

Yankees Interested In Grant Balfour Again

After Grant Balfour's two year deal with the Baltimore Orioles fell through due to concerns with Balfour's physical the Yankees are said to be interested in the right hander again. The Yankees had interest in Balfour before a shoulder abnormality popped up on the Orioles physical which led to the deal being thrown out. It is worth noting that two doctors have checked out Balfour since the deal was killed and they both say that he is perfectly healthy so I don't see this as a discount type of signing.

We all know I personally do not want Balfour. I think his fly balls and home runs were kept in check by the huge Oakland Coliseum and I think his home runs could double in Yankee Stadium. Also I want to give David Robertson a shot to close again so maybe that is clouding my judgement as well, who knows. If we can get him on a bargain and have him pitch the 8th I would jump for joy, if we got him for a deal and he pitched the 9th I would be okay with that too. This will be interesting to follow in the coming days so stay tuned...

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