Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yankees Sign 17 Year Old Kid From Australia

The New York Yankees have made one kids dream in Australia making him a millionaire before he can legally drive a car. Brandon Stenhouse will head to Tampa for two weeks before returning home to graduate High School and has landed himself a six figure contract, plus money for college. After his graduation he will return to the United States for good and pursue his professional baseball career.

There is obviously not many reports coming about the kid at age 17 and in Melbourne but his fastball can already touch 93 MPH so that is something you can work with. The Yankees were already slightly over their international draft pool cap for this season so this pushes them closer to big penalties next season when they plan to outspend the world in the market.


  1. Replies
    1. Jack Niemuth...
      Let us hope Not! We sure don't need that again!

    2. Maybe he mean't Phil Hughes before we put him in the pen, then back as a starter, then back in the pen, then back as a starter. Oh and before he let the fans get in his head.


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