Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Law Ranks Three Yankees In Top 100 Prospects List

The other day we learned that the New York Yankees did not have a great farm system when Keith Law released his rankings by team of the farm systems across the league. Today we got to read Law's Top 100 Prospects list and three Yankees made the cut, Gary Sanchez, Tyler Austin, and Mason Williams. Once again, even though he is eligible for the Rookie of the Year Award this year, Masahiro Tanaka was not eligible due to his time in Japan and the NPB.

Sanchez was ranked #68, Austin was ranked #85, and Williams came in at #87 on the list that requires subscriptions to read unfortunately. Law says of Sanchez:

“[Sanchez] has huge upside as a hitter, with plus-plus raw power and very hard contact.” His defense behind the plate, while improved, continues to need work. “Even a grade-45 defender [on the 20-80 scouting scale] back there with Sanchez’s potential offensive upside will be an MVP candidate, and if he continues to work at receiving and on his plate discipline he’ll be ready to take over and make a real impact for the Yankees by 2016.”

Law also touched on maybe a surprising pick in Austin:

“When healthy, Austin has a very sound swing that is geared both toward contact and power and is short to contact with good extension. He rotates his hips well to generate power, all with enough patience to keep his OBP in the .350 range,” he wrote. “He’ll be only about average in right field — making the necessary plays but not much more — so he needs to hit and hit for power to be a regular.”

Law didn't leave out Mason Williams and was quoted as saying:

“He is a potential Gold Glove defender in center, a future 70 on the 20-80 scale with good reads off the bat and bursting speed to chase down balls in the gaps … His ultimate outcome should be a high-average, doubles-power guy who might hit 15 homers in his best season, but even .290-plus with 50-60 walks and 10 homers with great defense is an above-average regular.”


  1. So we potentially have a MVP candidate, a power hitting corner outfielder, and a gold glove center fielder that can hit. Not to mention people like Heathcott, Bird, O'Brien, JR Murphy and Jagielo, and we're ranked #20. Do these teams in front of us have potential World Series teams at AAA or what?

    1. You can't live off potential alone. Mason and Tyler had down seasons, Mason had the DUI (not sure if it factored in or not), Tyler had the wrist injury. Also our best pitching prospects in Campos, Banuelos, and De Paula were injured, injured, and struggled after a promotion.

  2. I was just being a bit sarcastic. Potential is simply that. I just love all these prospect lists. I seriously think they're biased, or a complete guess.

  3. Don't worry Prospects Month starts on Saturday here on the blog and you can kill my list too

  4. I'd never do that to you. I respect your opinion too much. It's just healthy conversation!

    1. Jeff...
      If a big ugly guy by the name of Bruno comes to see you...after your criticism of "Don" Daniel, don't let him in...he is not a nice guy! LOL
      For many years after I retired (I thought), I made the rounds of the Farm teams with a few pals of mine from the "Walk about" days. The scouting reports the team has on our players is much more concise and detailed than even the reporters get.
      My reports of Cano, Brett, Joba and Cisco were made on a blog long before they were ever thought of being much at all.
      Not my fault the team turned Joba into a shadow of himself, that guy had 4, good to very good pitches.

    2. Well that's no fun Jeff, I like it when people kill my stuff lol

  5. Well I'll try. Might not have time though. There's a gay Indian bar I have to go check out. If I don't see it with my own eyes, I might not believe it.

  6. JEFF...I was being glib when I mentioned the ' Pink TeePee ', but it is a very nice place, from what
    I am hearing. Plenty of cold PBR's waiting for you.

    My wife spoke with her brother last night. He looks forward to seeing another Yankee' fan.
    He says you must have the salmon, cooked on a cedar plank. And for you to be aware, that every night
    from 5-9 is...Pow-Wow Hour...... Also, for you to meet, and be photographed with Chief Jonny.
    Enjoy. Take care.

  7. MANY YEARS AGO....about this time of year, I flew down to Fort Lauderdale, to visit my mother.

    My good fortune, Fort Lauderdale Stadium was a mere walking distance away.
    I got to speak with a new third baseman...Mike Pagliarulo.
    Rick Cerone was the catcher.
    And, some kid named Mattingly,, was out in right field.
    Seeing Cerone's photo brought back memories.

  8. Patrick...
    You surprise me, I have always thought of you as in your 40s! Were you 10 or 12 years old when the visit happened?
    Bye the bye, I have had more contact with T-Man!

  9. Rocket Reed...the Rochester Rambler : Where you live is too cold for patrick. I will have to miss the Polar Bear swim this Sunday. Work. Disappointed, is not the word.

    Anne Marie is happy about that .I think she has had visions of the State Police, and Father Ginty,
    knocking on our door. With me strapped to the top of the squad car. Like a cod fish.
    Glad to hear that you have had contact with Thoma
    If you wish to share, a Rocket e-mail should be the format.

    My vacation ends today. Have to get back to tying up my home later.

  10. OY VEY !!..........Enough Already !!

    This from the Latino Post / MLB Trade Rumors.
    Re : ERVIN SANTANA..........7 hours old.
    MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Want to Sign Ervin Santana; Los Angeles Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays Also in the Mix

    Onchie Ebriega
    Jan 30, 2014 10:30 AM EST

    1. If the price comes down enough Santana will be ours, no doubt in my mind.

    2. Drats and double damns, I still think the Yankees are making a big mistake...getting a 5 starter!
      I still believe the team is only looking to this year instead of down the road. Next year Kuroda and Santana will be gone, Kuroda for sure. Then we have to go out and buy a high priced pitcher again...not good!
      Let a kid do the job as number 5, we have about 4-5 guys that are ready to take a shot at the Golden Ring...let them prove they can do it! There has to be one of them that can do as well as to be expected from a # 5 pitcher...agree or not?

    3. Actually a Santana would be on a three year deal or so... and it would make Nova the 5th starter, not Santana by default.

      I agree I guess but still..

    4. Daniel...
      True but, can one count on him going 3-4 years with productivity? We are not talking Tommy John here, many have a relapse with his type of injury.
      I still think AJ and or he would be a good addition to the rotation but....not a NEED! The Kids have worked for a long time to get to the show...why knock them down? We will NEED one or two sooner than later!
      If they aren't given a chance NOW and we have injuries or one or two retire...then I will hear the same thing of a year or two ago..."You can't bring up two rookies at the same time" which is BS! Who says things like that, and mean it?

    5. ROCKET REED...I'm starting to come around to reaching out to the youth.
      But, make a Gardner...and bring in a third baseman that causes mayhem.
      Rocket, stay warm.

    6. Patrick..
      Dat dar it were wat I done said, ain't you got no learnins?

      Sweet Dreams Irish Lad!

    7. I agree that Santana and AJ are wants, not needs. I also would normally have no problem letting the kids run free but the thing is we have no bullpen. The way we can counter act that, besides building it with the kids on the fly, is to have a good starting pitching rotation that gives you 6-7 innings pitched every single night.

    8. Absolutely right Daniel...
      Starting pitching is the start! We have about 4 maybe 6 starters in the Farm that may make it to the Show. We have about 10 guys that are ready to step in and work well in the BP, a few of them are starters but can transition to the bull pen better!
      Did I exaggerate too much?

    9. If you said aces, yes, starters though we have plenty. We have a ton of guys that could go to the pen. No exaggeration.

  11. BRET
    Last season, leading up to the trading deadline.....I posted endlessly that the Yankees should
    trade Robinson Cano. A contending team would of given up something special, to have Cano
    in their line-up down the stretch. It was the logical move ! Just imagine the return ?
    Opportunity lost. Cano bolts. Yankees get zip............old news, I know.

    Bret Gardner, he leaves after 2014. He will turn down a Yankee one year offer.
    This is his time to hit pay dirt.
    The Yankees will not want to pay, big money, for two outfielders cut from the same cloth.
    So, here we go again.
    I say make him the center piece in a trade, now. Throw in a good young arm, etc.
    And, bring home a solid 3rd baseman. One that you could only get, with a Gardner in the mix.

    I'm a fan of Gardner, I'm not dumb.
    But when he leaves, like Cano, and you have nothing ? Then that is dumb.

    1. Patrick...
      I have been a fan of Bretts from back in 2006(?) when I first saw him play (about 20+ times in two years.
      I have been calling the "So Called experts" dumb asses for a long time when most said he was "At best a 4th /5th OF.
      But, that being said, he is going on 32(?), stock is high and this is his last year in Pinstripes. With a team that really wants him as a CFer, it would be a good move for him and the Yankees----IF---they get something we NEED back...such as Henley Ramirez for one! In fact I would take a tip-top of the line AAA infielder in the place of Brett...and I do mean a very good one! No 32 year old that will give us two good years and then ride the bench!

      One thing not taken into count with this whole scenario is Casman has liked Brett for a long time, also told him in 2007 or 2008 he would have made the team if he batted right handed. We were over loaded with lefties.
      Nough said!

  12. MICHAEL YOUNG :...enjoy your children, young man. God bless.
    But, oh what a good fit he would of been ! Damn it !

  13. COW GIRLS..... of consternation :
    Sleep on this...somehow package a trade for a top tier third baseman.
    Sign, Nelson Cruz ( quickly ). Cruz will make up for all of Alex' missed RH power.
    When you wake will look brighter.

    On to the bullpen.

    1. Where in the world do you put ANOTHER outfielder?

    2. Daniel...
      I think he is working on the idea of Cruz taking Bretts place!

    3. I could see it, although I'd rather Soriano play LF and Cruz DH but it could work. Lots of right handed power.

    4. Which is something we need a bit of right now! WE have 4 Switch Hitters and that helps.
      Right handed power is something we could use, I'd say! But, it still looks good to me!


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