Friday, February 21, 2014

Exclusive Interview w/ Yankees Pitcher Zach Arneson

Prospects Month is almost over here on The Greedy Pinstripes as we have one more Friday after this one. Today we bring you an interview with Yankees pitcher Zach Arneson who was gracious enough to do this interview for us. Enjoy!

The Greedy Pinstripes: Hello Zach, how are you today sir? How is your offseason going?

Zach Arneson: Hows it going, I am currently just throwing and feeling good and in shape for the upcoming season.

TGP:  How was your trip to Australia? Tons of good pictures posted on your Twitter account. Is it as "once in a lifetime" as everyone makes it out to be? 

ZA: Australia was awesome, the people there are very friendly and welcomed me with open arms. I would say for anyone its definitely a trip to take.

TGP:  What teams and sports did you root for and watch growing up?

ZA: My favorite sports teams growing up were the Yankees , Celtics and the Chiefs.

TGP: Being drafted before the new draft rules and slots were enacted what are your thoughts on the new rules? Do you think you would have benefited at all or suffered from the new rules?

ZA: I don't think it would have effected anything with me, as far as the new rules go I think that its a bit more competitive now.

TGP: Speaking of the draft what made you want to pass up being a member of the San Francisco Giants to go back to school?

ZA: With being drafted by the San Francisco Giants I was excited and happy I was chosen , I did not sign because it was not the right situation for me at the time and enabled me to pursue finishing up with school.

TGP: Do you have a girlfriend/wife waiting for you at home while you are on the road so much?

ZA: I do have a very loving girlfriend named Danielle who is always supportive and understands what it takes for me to pursue my goals and dreams.

TGP: What are you doing this offseason to improve on your 2013 season?

ZA: This offseason I am training harder and smarter, I am more focused on keeping my body healthy and working on my arm slot.

TGP: What do you do during the offseason to keep yourself occupied?

ZA: To keep myself occupied I do some pitching lessons , workout and spend time with my family.

TGP: Favorite restaurant to eat at?

ZA: My favorite restaurant is Las Casuelas in Palm Springs, California.

TGP: I think this answer may be obvious but in my time around social media I have noticed there are two kinds of fans when it comes to prospects. You have the "prospect humpers" (myself being a self professed prospect humper) and a name yet to be determined (due to my lack of creativity) describing those who want to sell all the prospects off for the 37 year old "sure thing." Which category do you think yourself as a fan falls into?

ZA: Hm I'm not sure which category I would fall into , I just respect a good players game when I see it.

TGP: What current Major League player do you think you compare to the most?

ZA: I'm not sure who I would compare to in the Major Leagues, I just work hard to someday be in a class of my own.

TGP: If you could be the Yankees GM for a day what would you do? Don't have to really be realistic here. 

ZA: That's a job that carries a heavy weight, I would leave that one to Mr. Cashman.

TGP: Do you consider yourself more of a relief pitcher or a starting pitcher?

ZA: I consider myself a late inning pitcher, I love coming in when the game is on the line. Starter or reliever I just like to pitch.

TGP: Red Bull, Monster, or Rockstar?

ZA: If I had to choose than Red Bull, but i stick with H2O and Gatorade.

TGP: Most famous person in your cell phone?

ZA: I have nobody famous in my contacts.

TGP: We'll finish with this one, where do you see yourself in life and your career in five years?

ZA: I see myself pitching in the Major Leagues and enjoying life with my family.

Thank you so much for doing this interview for us Zach. Good luck in the 2014 season and beyond in the Yankees system. Follow Zach on Twitter by following @ZachArneson

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